Why You Should Avoid Using Plastic?

More than eco-friendly, glass products are gaining popularity also because of their health benefits. HEALTH speaks with Elisabeth Stephenson, Founder and Managing Director of Non-Toxic Source, an ecofriendly distribution company based in the UAE, who reveals why this initiative is close to her heart.

plasticThe Beginnings
A healthy lifestyle has always been important to Stephensen, but starting a family motivated her to find better and safer products for her children. She explains, “This led me to start a business to
bring eco-friendly and non-toxic products to the region. I believe there are a lot of products on the market that are made without thought or concern for the health and safety of consumers and of the environment. This belief motivated me to try and change this in a small way and do what I can to shift this mentality.”

The Concept
According to Stephenson, their most popular product line is the US brand Lifefactory glassware which has products for all ages and stages of life. “Lifefactory only uses the safest and healthiest  materials on the planet,” she says as its main component –glass– is derived from sand which is an abundant, natural, and recyclable material. Returning to these basics allows the modern day  consumer an opportunity to avoid toxic plastics.

BPA-Free Plastic
Unfortunately, a lot of people are misled to believe that BPAfree plastic is safe, points out Stephenson; however this is definitely not the case. “All plastics are derived from synthetic chemicals that can have an adverse effect on the human body when they leach into food and beverages,” she notes with detrimental effects that range from hormone disruption to links to carcinogens.

Making the Switch
Glass is a safe and trusted material that has been around since 3500BC. “Sticking to a pure material like glass gives us peace of mind that chemicals are not leaching into our food and beverages and disrupting the natural balance of our bodies,” advises Stephenson.

Lifefactory is available in the UAE at the Organic Foods & Café, Holland & Barrett stores, Adventure HQ, Db Babies, and online through youmah.com and mumzworld.com

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