Turbocharging the Fitness Tech Industry with Your Fitness Coach (YFC)

Health Magazine With multi-features, multi-brand access, online training platforms, class only options and much more, HEALTH met with Johan Du Plessis, Founder, and Sujoy Cherian, Co-founder, of Your Fitness Coach (YFC), to learn more about how their fitness application engages, activates, and rewards. An Integrated Platform A platform created to benefit the entire fitness industry, Du PlessisRead more about Turbocharging the Fitness Tech Industry with Your Fitness Coach (YFC)[...] Read More

In Conversation with Anvil Fitness Club Moscow Founder Nadezhda Grishaeva

Health Magazine A former professional basketball player with sports running in her DNA, the founder of Anvil Fitness Club Moscow, Nadezhda Grishaeva reveals what makes her high octane fitness club the best from the rest. The inspiration Sports have always played an intrinsic role in Grishaeva’s life from a very early age. She explains, “I was inRead more about In Conversation with Anvil Fitness Club Moscow Founder Nadezhda Grishaeva[...] Read More

Tired of Insomnia? 4 Tips That Can Help

Health Magazine By Mariya Rizwan Who does not like to have a peaceful slumber? Sleeping well at night is a blessing because it is a struggle for some. Getting a good night’s sleep plays a pivotal role in maintaining mental and physical well-being. Despite knowing that, many people find it difficult to fall asleep. That can happenRead more about Tired of Insomnia? 4 Tips That Can Help[...] Read More

Eating an Anti-Cancerous Diet

Eating an Anti-Cancerous Diet A healthy lifestyle can reduce the risks of certain cancers and research indicates that many types of cancers are linked to unhealthy eating patterns and a sedentary lifestyle. Here to explain more, Dietician Fahmida Jafri reveals how to incorporate a diet that may just help reduce your risk of cancer. What it means To eatRead more about Eating an Anti-Cancerous Diet[...] Read More

6 Care Tips for Rhinoplasty Aftercare

6 Care Tips for Rhinoplasty Aftercare Rhinoplasty, aka a nose job, is a delicate procedure. Therefore, it’s necessary to take the aftercare seriously too. By being careful and taking a few necessary steps, the healing process is less likely to require an extended recovery time. Here are six care tips for rhinoplasty aftercare. Keeping Your Nose Clean When cleaning your face,Read more about 6 Care Tips for Rhinoplasty Aftercare[...] Read More

Follow the Mediterranean Diet for Optimal Health

It’s considered to be one of the healthiest diets in the world and to top it off, the Mediterranean Diet is actually good for optimal heart health. Here Prof. Daniele Del Rio, Head of the School of Advanced Studies on Food and Nutrition at the University of Parma in Italy unravels the facts about thisRead more about Follow the Mediterranean Diet for Optimal Health[...] Read More

Boost Your Health with Running

Many of us don’t consider running as a key facet of our fitness routines, but the fact is that running can work wonders for your wellness quotient. But before embarking on the sport, there are some considerations to think about. LEAVE THE WATCH AT HOME Once a week, make it a point to go forRead more about Boost Your Health with Running[...] Read More

Your heart healthy checklist

☑ From lifestyle and exercise to the foods we eat, we all aspire to maintain optimal cardiovascular health. Use our checklist to help. ☑ Seek out early medical consultation if you suffer from any problems related to your heart or if you have pre-existing hereditary heart conditions already. ☑ Focus on eating foods which includeRead more about Your heart healthy checklist[...] Read More


Women have madestrides in educationand careers, yet stillsometimes neglecttheir own health. Hereare some simple, yeteffective tips to boostyour sense of wellbeingtoday. Tip 1 Stop Eating Diet Food Tired of avoiding carbs and constantly eating non-fat diet foods? Remember, eating weight loss foods doesn’t necessary mean these are good for your health as these are oftenRead more about A WOMAN’S GUIDE TO WELLNESS[...] Read More