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right biteSummer is here in full swing and for many of us, this means a serious lull in our daily workout routine and healthy eating plan. But this doesn’t have to be the case with some of the best healthy food delivery companies in Dubai. HEALTH puts them to the test…

To Start: Right Bite’s philosophy is to restrict caloric intake without making you feel as though you’re scrimping on taste or treats. With three adequately sized portion controlled meals and two snacks a day, there was little chance of getting hungry. At the initial consultation, I underwent a full body analysis in which my muscle-fat analysis, obesity and body composition were carefully assessed. I needed to lose just two kilos therefore was placed on the “Renew You” plan that  included 3 meals, 2 snacks and 2side dishes that were either a soup or salad selected from their extremely varied menu. They have several meal options, from Fuel Up to Balanced Mom and Executive Lunch with all  menus carefully planned by their experts to meet your health needs.

The Experience: Meals deliveries were made early with the entire day’s plan arriving in a large cooler bag. Breakfast dishes included a strawberry breakfast burrito while another day was a whole-wheat egg and bacon bagel with low-fat milk. Lunch included Arabic style Mahsi kousa in tomato sauce accompanied by a crisp kale and mixed green salad while another was a vegetarian kebob accompanied by a fresh Caesar salad. Dinner varied quite a bit as one evening was Hanoi Baked fish with Arabic style lentil soup while another evening was vegetarian moussaka accompanied by tomato and basil soup.

Results: Big in taste, still these small portions made me rethink my own portion size. Also, this plan allowed for sweet treats which I really enjoyed; one was a slice of apricot cheesecake while another day was a chocolate and ricotta cheesecake slice. These were rich and creamy and managed to satisfy my usual afternoon craving for sugar.

Details: Prices range from Dhs 48 a day for a simple 1 meal package to Dhs 3270 for their 20-day Renew You Full package which includes all meals and snacks from breakfast to dinner, an initial consultation with their certified dietitians, full body composition analysis, program and calorie customization depending on medical needs, lifestyle, and preferences and free follow-ups as long as
you’re on the plan.
Contact: 04 342 5208


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