Raveena Tandon Talks Safe Motherhood

Safe MotherhoodHEALTH met with renowned Bollywood actress and film producer Raveena Tandon who visited Thumbay Hospital in Fujairah to endorse the hospital’s campaign ‘Promoting Safe Motherhood’. She explained why this campaign held a particularly special place in her heart.

Promoting Campaigns

“I think it’s very important especially in countries like India where there is not much awareness about the importance of a mother-to-behealthy first and foremost in order to have a healthy baby. I believe if a child’s base is strong, right from the
time the child is in the womb, he / she will grow up to face any kind of challenges in life.”

Staying in Shape

“I do have a health regime, but I am not the type of person who spends two hours a day in the gym. But 45 minutes a day is a must I feel in everyone’s life; take this time out of your home, family, or work schedule to just focus on yourself. This for me can be anything from 45 minutes of swimming, 45 minutes of yoga, any kind of cardio or it could be walking or running in the park or on the beach.”


“I don’t follow diets and don’t believe in crash diets or starving. I believe strongly in eating healthy, wholesome, and nutritious food. I also avoid sweets, aerated drinks, and fried foods.”

Work-life Balance

“It’s tough to strike that perfect balance where our kids don’t feel deprived or you are half-heartedly working in the office. But then I have always believed that with life comes a little sacrifice. For me, my priority is my family. However, as I have
said, everyone has their own priorities and mine is my family. What this means is I take less work.”

Social Media

“I think it has its pros and cons. I do also feel that for celebrities in particular, it’s a great connect with their fans and with people on a one-to-one basis.  Earlier in the nineties, it was impossible to squash a rumor that was just not true. Once
it was out as a headline of a magazine, there was no pulling it back. Today, we have proof using Twitter and Instagram. Still, I think it’s been a boon also. There is no privacy left and also, for young girls there are often situations where it can be dangerous.”

Women’s Health

“It’s important to remember in situations where a pregnant woman in a family is not really being nurtured or taken care of that she’s bearing the heir or future generation of this family. And yes, there’s nothing better in this world than a healthy mother and a healthy baby.”


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