Creating the Right Nursery for Your Baby

Creating the Right Nursery for Your Baby HEALTH meets the team at Children’s Lane – a vintage-inspired children’s boutique in Abu Dhabi – who reveal the best ways to create the ideal nursery for your baby. The beginnings We were inspired by the birth of our daughter. Children spend the majority of their childhood being nurtured at home and providing the right environment that would help develop her attention to detail and nurture her imagination was vital to us. This, inRead more about Creating the Right Nursery for Your Baby[...] Read More

5 Tips for a Fabulous You!

5 Tips for a Fabulous You! HEALTH speaks with Archana Joyce from who presents the top ways to lose weight and look amazing. 1. Don’t Aim to Lose Weight Healthy weight is one of the many perks of a healthy lifestyle. So focus on building a healthy lifestyle overall. Excess weight will take care of itself and it will stay off! This will be the single major struggle youRead more about 5 Tips for a Fabulous You![...] Read More

Morning Mistakes That Slow Down Metabolism

Morning Mistakes That Slow Down Metabolism Morning is the best time to affect one’s metabolism process. Metabolism is the rate of burning of sugar and release of energy. The rate at which the energy provided by the food in our system is used up is determined by our metabolic rate. If the metabolic rate is sluggish it leads to accumulation ofRead more about Morning Mistakes That Slow Down Metabolism[...] Read More

A One-on-One With Sushmita Sen

Sushmita sen Well-known Bollywood actress and former Miss Universe, Sushmita Sen visited Thumbay Hospital in Ajman and revealed her secret to optimal wellness. Chilled-out or Workaholic “I have phases; when I’m working, I can be pretty obsessive about it and extremely committed. However, when I am committed to being chilled out, you will have never met someone as chilled out as me. So I think IRead more about A One-on-One With Sushmita Sen[...] Read More

Does your child need vitamins?

CHILD NEED VITAMINS Though as parents we try our best to ensure our children obtain the best possible diet, the reality is sometimes vitamin supplementation is required for optimal health. HEALTH speaks to Professor and Pediatrician Dr. Mahmoud Elsaye Attia Shamseldeen who explains more… The Top Vitamins and Minerals for Kids Vitamin A promotes normal growth and development with tissue and bone repair. Good sources includeRead more about Does your child need vitamins?[...] Read More

Raveena Tandon Talks Safe Motherhood

Safe Motherhood HEALTH met with renowned Bollywood actress and film producer Raveena Tandon who visited Thumbay Hospital in Fujairah to endorse the hospital’s campaign ‘Promoting Safe Motherhood’. She explained why this campaign held a particularly special place in her heart. Promoting Campaigns “I think it’s very important especially in countries like India where there is not much awareness about the importance of a mother-to-behealthy first and foremost in order to have a healthy baby. IRead more about Raveena Tandon Talks Safe Motherhood[...] Read More

Is Stuttering Taking a Toll on Your Child?

Is Stuttering Taking a Toll on Your Child? For a child who stutters, having to speak publicly or hold a conversation can be terrifying. HEALTH finds out what parents can do to help this child. The Beginning In children, stuttering usually happens between the ages of two and six years and more often in boys than in girls. Dr. Raymond Hamden, Clinical and Forensic Psychologist explains that while it may beRead more about Is Stuttering Taking a Toll on Your Child?[...] Read More

Bonding with your baby

Bonding with your baby Most of us assume that bonding with our newborn baby is natural and instinctive. However, as health discovers, some women are not bonding with their babies Immediately… What It Means Bonding is defined as the intense attachment that develops between parents and their baby. It makes parents want to shower their baby with love and affection and to protect andRead more about Bonding with your baby[...] Read More