Creating Awareness in Health… A Chat with Ahsan Khan

mr-ahsan-khanRecognizing excellence in healthcare through the annual HEALTH Awards The HEALTH Awards are a wonderful idea and I think that it’s very important because mostly we see people from show business getting awards; but health is the core focus for all of us. The old saying ‘health is wealth’ is absolutely true. If you are healthy, you can enjoy everything in the world—all kinds of luxuries, all sorts of entertainment, you can travel, and overall feel good about yourself. Health, therefore, is our biggest asset as human beings and the fact that these HEALTH Awards are awarding excellence in the health and wellness sectors is an excellent idea and a wonderful initiative.

Acknowledgment is key

Human beings thrive on positive affirmation and acknowledgment; from children to adults. We all need it and it pushes us to excel. Therefore, when you are working in a certain field, you do need acknowledgment. It is taken very positively and in particular, for those in this sector, I feel the HEALTH Awards will certainly help the respective experts excel even further in their particular fields.

Creating awareness

Creating awareness across all fields is very important. Nowadays, people are getting back to nature and what is right for them–from the gyms and fitness products to organic food. These days, it’s really all about the basics and learning, so the HEALTH Awards are a great way of giving back that importance and recognition. It should be discussed and made important.

The impact on today’s consumer

If I know a doctor or health professional is an award winner, I personally, will definitely go to this person over others. That expert who has been lauded a ‘HEALTH Award’ means distinctions in excellence. Plus, it’s all about people creating awareness and inculcating education across all sectors.


I am a self-confessed foodie; being a half Punjabi and half Pathan, it goes without saying that I love my food, especially Punjabi food. To be honest, it is very challenging to stay fit, but I do my best to steer clear of junk food, include lots of healthy protein and less carbs. I try and stick to my workouts to balance everything out. In fact, I have a fitness trainer who comes home. But working out and being fit is not just for actors, but staying fit and healthy is for everyone.

Carving a niche

Yes, I am an actor, but I am also involved with certain NGOs. I go and visit places where there are no doctors, no running water, and no schools. When I was offered my role in the TV Serial Udari, a drama that portrayed child abuse, it was a taboo subject both in Pakistan and India. It’s unfortunately something people shy away from discussing across the board. In fact, we were the first to actually bring this to light in such a huge way. I have always played the boy next door, the lover boy or the generally the nice boy. When I was offered this villainous role, initially I thought it would
negatively impact my career. But it was actually very well received, not only in Pakistan, but abroad also. Initially, I also faced some criticism from my family who told me perhaps I would be judged negatively or my image might get tarnished somehow; people may forget that it’s just acting.

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