5 Tips for a Fabulous You!

hmHEALTH speaks with Archana Joyce from monsterfitclub.com who presents the top ways to lose weight and look amazing.

1. Don’t Aim to Lose Weight

Healthy weight is one of the many perks of a healthy lifestyle. So focus on building a healthy lifestyle overall. Excess weight will take care of itself and it will stay off! This will be the single major struggle you will face – changing your perspective about weight management.

2. Consult Your Physician and Set Goals

Just the usual blood work to understand any limitations that you may have and you are all set to pick an ultimate goal and break it  down to manageable milestones. Lose 50 kilograms sounds crazy -lose 2 kilograms a month sounds reasonable.

3. Eat Well – Train Well

Eat smaller portions throughout the day. Simple changes but powerful results – halve your portions for rice, pasta and bread, increase fresh veggies, have a decent portion of fruit as a snack, add nuts and don’t skimp on protein like egg whites, fish, lentils, or yogurt. Train regularly. Start small – walk to the grocery store, to the farthest parking, up and down the stairs at work, around the park. Don’t ever stop.

4. Cultivate Patience

If you want to get rid of excess weight (not just lose it) have patience. If you can sustain your healthy habits for two months, you will start seeing definite changes. Lifestyle change takes time but comes with big rewards.

5. Up Your Game

Once the above steps have been taken care of eventually, you will hit a plateau. That’s a sign to increase the intensity or type of your workout. Your body has adapted wonderfully to the changes you have made. It is no longer challenged. Challenge it. Get an accountability buddy and try new sports, join a gym, or take free yoga lessons.

Final Advice

Managing weight is an important need of the day. But it need not be a depriving, torturous experience. You need not go on a ‘diet’ and have a nervous breakdown. Simply make small, sustainable, smart changes to your lifestyle and you will see amazing positive changes.

About Archana Joyce

In 2014, Archana and her husband Jose jointly weighed 227 kilograms. She contributed 120 kilograms and Jose brought in 107 kilograms. They have jointly lost 85 kilograms together. They are still work in progress. Check out: www.monsterfitclub.com

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