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26HEALTH meets with Nadia Sallustio, Founder of The Den, an interior design boutique that merges a collection of high-end design products and exclusive artistic collaborations under one roof.

The Den
“The DEN is a creativity-filled boutique, full of joy and spirit, where art and decoration merge to give birth to sparkling decorative ideas with an arty twist. It offers an inspiring collection of high-end design products and exclusive artistic collaborations lovingly curated by me, the creative mind behind the boutique.”

Latest Paints Line
“For Ressource, Sarah Lavoine has developed a line of 36 intense, bright, timeless shades that bring new life and energy to spaces. The distinctive color is ‘Bleu Sarah’ which has become one of the symbols of the company. It was born when she was looking for a shade to brighten up her office, high up under the roofs of Paris. It’s designed to be a perfect balance between blue and green, capable of varying according to the light and The Den are the exclusive stockest of this brand.”

Overdoing it
“My golden rule is avoid the trinkets. Decoration is there to make you feel good, not to worry about it. In terms of decoration, less is more.”

“Lighting is an essential part of your home decor. It sculpts the volumes of your rooms. Take the time to choose the right lamps and even more importantly, the right light bulbs. My favorite option is the LED bulbs 2700 kelvin which spread a nice warm light throughout the house. And use many candles to create a warm atmosphere at night.”

“Pay attention to the entrance hall which is the first glimpse on your house and that sets the tone. As it is also the room that gets the most people in and out, avoid fragile decoration. Use a corner to display a large basket that will collect flip-flops and slippers and smaller baskets and jars on shelves for the sunglasses and sun screens. A nice bench, like those by designer Sarah Lavoine brings chic and style to an entrance wall as well.”

Living Room
“This is an essential room at home that should be considered as a whole, and composed like a painting. Personally I love highlighting walls with colors which can bring a room to life and make it unique.”

“Whilst having a centerpiece artwork on your main wall is a great way to add personality to your room, make sure you choose an artwork you can live with every day. I love oversized black and white photographs which are elegant and powerful.”
(All suggested products are all available at The Den)

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