Personalisation Is A major Consumer Trend In Health And Wellness

xNARA a new era of personalized health

Complements are revolutionizing the way we approach supplements

In a world where health and wellness are paramount, finding the right supplements to support our individual needs and goals can be a daunting task. Generic pills and fads have inundated the market, promising miracles but often falling short of expectations. However xNARA’s revolutionary product, Complements personalized the supplement regimen based on the unique biology, lifestyle, and health.

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It reinvent supplements through personalization and believe that a one-size-fits-all approach simply doesn’t cut it when it comes to addressing the diverse needs of individuals. Our bodies are inherently different, with distinct physiological and biological variations, deficiencies, risks, and goals. This understanding led xNARA to develop Complements, a game-

changing line of personalized supplements that caters to each body specific requirements.

Complements are meticulously crafted from 125 highly active and highly potent Swiss-sourced ingredients. These ingredients include concentrated vitamins and minerals, amino acids, pro and prebiotics, bioactive compounds, and food and herbal extracts. With scientific precision, xNARA formulates personalized supplements to each body needs, precise to the exact dosage.

Gone are the days of cluttered cupboards filled with generic pills and costly trial and error.

Complements simplifies the process by providing two sachets that dissolve easily in cold or room temperature water. Not only are they more effective and convenient, but they are also a fraction of the cost compared to purchasing individual ingredients.

To get started with Complements, all it takes is a quick 5-minute quiz—the xNARA intelligent assessment. This assessment delves deep into each person lifestyle, goals, biology, and overall health, enabling xNARA to create a formula that caters precisely to each person needs. Within a few days, the personalized formula arrives, along with a health report and access to the health dashboard. This dashboard allows to view the evolving formula, discover the superfoods and foods to avoid, and access a personalized exercise program.

For higher levels of personalization, xNARA offers the Gut Profile and Genetic test. This test provides insights into the body microbial and genetic predispositions, offering valuable

information about disease risks, personality traits, and ingredient absorption. By refining formula and recommendations, xNARA takes the health journey to the next level.

To ensure the utmost quality and efficacy, Complements incorporate ingredients with extensive

clinical data. For example, customers with skin problems receive a compound called SkinAx2, which has been clinically proven to improve skin luminosity by 26%, collagen by 34%, decrease aging spots by 20%, dark circles by 19%, and enhance skin elasticity by 9%. These compounds, out of dozens customers receives, are selected after an exhaustive review of 20,000 studies, matched to each user’s unique health intricacies. According to its Chief R&D Officer, if xNARA has 8 billion customers, they have 8 billion formulas.

The science behind xNARA’s products is a result of over 324,000 hours of research and development, spanning three years. Collaborations with esteemed experts across institutions like Harvard and Johns Hopkins have ensured that xNARA’s science is second to none. This dedication to scientific precision has earned them the trust and endorsement of renowned figures in the industry.

Thousands of customers worldwide have already embraced Complements, and their feedback is overwhelmingly positive. According to xNARA’s consensual survey of 24,000 customers in May 2023, 98% of them prefer Complements over traditional supplements. Furthermore, 88% have noticed improvements in at least one health area, while 86% have experienced improvements in two or more areas.

Behind the scenes of the product is Dr. Rafi Ahmad, the company’s Chief R&D Officer. With a background as a professor and extensive experience at AstraZeneca in Norway and Sweden, Dr. Ahmad headed clinical trials that secured EUR50 million in funding. He emphasizes that xNARA’s focus on intrinsic factors, including advanced science and personalization, sets them apart from other companies.

With its personalized approach, scientifically-backed formulations, and remarkable customer satisfaction, Complements is revolutionizing the way we approach supplements and its the health hack everyone is talking about.

xNara embrace a new era of personalized health which our body and mind deserve it. xNARA’s influence reaches millions of people monthly through their active presence on social media to embrace personalization for their health and wellbeing.

The company’s commitment to growth is evident, as they invest $88 million over the next 12 months fuelling expansions and R&D work. With the support of major investors like Vistas Media Capital, known for taking Anghami public in 2022, xNARA has its sights set on going public on the NASDAQ in 24 months. Vistas Media Capital’s CEO, Abhay Singh, believes that xNARA’s revolutionary approach to personalized supplements positions them as a frontrunner in disrupting the industry and states that they ‘plan on taking xNARA public on the NASDAQ in 24-months.’

Its recently closed a 8-figure investment round, and its investors include HNWs, family offices and venture capitalists, including prominent Singaporean lawyer R. Thrumurgan, Vistas Media Capital, Northern Light Capital, amongst other names. The post-money valuation of the business is USD$250 million, according to close sources.

This is representative of the rise of personalization as a major consumer trend in health and wellness, and by being a frontrunner, it is potentially disrupting the $335 billion global supplements industry.

xNARA started in 2020 and has offices across Singapore, Dubai and Austin and India, employing approximately 150 people


Dr. Uma Naidoo, a Harvard University Professor and Author, raves about xNARA’s personalized system, stating, “I strongly recommend xNARA because it’s a personalized system and clients get everything they need for their body and mind in just two sachets. The science behind the product is revolutionary and really allows customers to reap so many benefits.”

Dr. Shane Creado, an author and expert in sleep, performance, and psychiatry, is also a devoted user of Complements. He has witnessed significant health and wellbeing improvements in his clients, ranging from professional athletes to corporate professionals. Dr. Creado emphasizes that xNARA’s personalized approach and quality ingredients make it unparalleled in the market.

Dr. Francesco Campanini, Head of Natural Alternative Ingredients in Europe, applauds xNARA’s Swiss-quality manufacturing and individualized approach. He attests that he has yet to encounter a product that matches xNARA’s sophistication, quality, and scientific precision in the nutritional supplements space.

Even Kevin Libby, a celebrity nutritionist and counsellor, recommends xNARA to his Hollywood clients. He acknowledges that xNARA’s supplements provide a straightforward way to fulfil daily needs of functional vitamins and minerals, amino acids, probiotics, bio actives, and food extracts in a personalized way.

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