Ways to Beat the Post-Holiday Blues

holidaysAs the summer holidays are slowly coming to an end, many people might find themselves coming back from a holiday only to realize that getting back into routine brings the unwelcomed feeling of
being ‘stuck’. HEALTH speaks to Sophia Fromell, Executive Coach and Founder of ITHACA LIFE who shares her advice on beating the holiday blues.

Plan the return

While spending time preparing for a departure and starting the holidays is something people love to do and look forward to, they should take the time equally to also plan their return. This doesn’t
mean they should spend all summer worrying about coming back; however, arriving two days prior instead of the day before the start of school or work may give the necessary time to settle in
order to get ready for the start of the week.

Get perspective

When back from the holidays, people should try focusing on the positive rather than the negative. It’s essential to try to remember what it is that they enjoy doing and getting back into that, whether it’s ordering their morning coffee from their favorite coffee shop or catching up with friends. Keeping the elements in mind they enjoy doing will lessen the negative feelings and will
keep them optimistic instead.

Choose what to pay attention to

There are certain things in the back-to-reality routine that might be irritating such as the traffic during the school drop off, colleagues who are always late for meetings and so on. Though certain things cannot be changed, there are ways to minimize its effect on you. Instead of getting frustrated with the traffic, leave the  house 5 minutes earlier, if this helps. Although a colleague’s annoying habits cannot be altered, resolve it in a way that it can’t be too much of a bother.

Plan the workday

Pay attention to the way your body and mind reacts during the day. If a person functions best early in the morning, it’s best time to tackle challenging activities when at top performance. Leave
tasks like going through email backlogs when feeling less dynamic, so it does not require too much effort that might result in a negative feeling.

Make a new start

Going back to work after the summer holidays can be a good time for new beginnings. Make a commitment to start something that was always on the wanted list and that kept on being postponed,
such as a new diet, looking for a new job, or making a career change. The focusing, planning, and achieving new goals will automatically make a person feel satisfied and optimistic.

Create a life plan

Lastly, people should set out to reach a goal that is so big; it’s scary and exciting at the same time. Being very clear about when and what has to be achieved will create a positive effect, as working on something a person is passionate about will motivate, inspire, and get the best out of them

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