Can You Stall Aging with Hormones?

From eating healthier to exercising and even turning to expensive cosmetic treatments—as we age, most of us do whatever we can to slow down the process. Yet Dr. Hugo C. Verhoeven, a worldwide recognized antiaging expert reveals that it is actually hormones that play a huge role in the anti-aging processes.

Four Aspects of Aging

According to Dr. Verhoeven, it is important to understand that anti-aging is not merely exercising, losing weight or Tai Chi. He explains, “There are four major aspects in the anti-aging treatment, each of them is extremely important. Number one is what we eat and especially when.” Aim to avoid fatty foods from animals with four legs and also, the gap between the last food intake of the day and going to sleep should be long enough so that the evening and night production of Human Growth Hormone can be used for anti-aging purposes, and not for digestion and fat production.

The second important must, he adds, is to burn fat and increase blood content of the complete body by exercising.“The third is psychological balance achieved by prayer, meditation, Tai Chi, or another form of relaxation,” he explains, and finally, the fourth and extremely important part of antiaging therapy is achieving a hormonal balance. “If one of these four axes is missing, no anti aging effect of all efforts will be obtained,” stresses Dr. Verhoeven. “If there is no hormonal balance, you can exercise as much as you want, you can reduce fat and relax all day, but you will age quick and early. Hormones not only afect how we feel, but also how we look. “For women, young and old, the main complaint we hear is: we are exercising, dieting, and eating correctly, we have been to the plastic surgeon, but nothing really works in the long term,” he notes.

The Japanese Know the Secret

The classic example is Japanese men and women— why are they so thin? Why do they have minimal cellulite, such good skin, nail, and hair quality even as they age? Not because of higher testosterone,
but because of lower estrogen—estrogen makes women fat. Women taking high concentrations of estrogens as hormone replacement therapy will gain weight as estrogens stimulate fat cells, these will produce a hormone called aromatase that will convert male hormones into female hormones, resulting in more fat and again more production of aromatase. Asian women and men consume high amounts of phytoestrogens, especially soy. Phytoestrogens are aromatase-inhibitors, blocking the conversion of male hormones into female hormones, resulting in fewer estrogens in the blood and less fat production in the skin.

The reason why Asian women and men are physically so different is not genetically, but only a question of food intake, especially soy. Japanese women in Japan have smaller breasts, less breast
cancer, less endometrial cancer, are thin, and have great skin and hair. For the males, it is the same: less facial or body hair, better skin quality, less wrinkles, and less prostate cancer.

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