Understanding Yin Yoga

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Yin Yoga, explains Kassab, is a style of yoga which can be practiced by anybody as it is very slow and relaxing. The practice was extracted from the practice of Hatha that later on evolved to Yin postures as influenced by the medicinal advantages of yoga. Hatha originated in India while it was from the greater part of China that the Taoist influences came from. “It’s a type of yoga that combines the benefit of working through the meridians, as known in Chinese medicine, activating various organs by holding traditional yoga postures for between 2 to 5 minutes,” she tells. “In a
Yin Yoga class, we release physical tension and calm the mind and it’s done in a cooler room, as we want to achieve the gentle stretch of the ligaments and fascia of the body, promoting healing and
improvement in flexibility and density of bone structure.”


Women who are practicing this type of yoga are far more calm, less stressed, have increased mind-body balance, enhanced flexibility, and greater joint strength. According to Kassab, this type of yoga is recommended to those aspiring yoga students who want to do yoga in search of relaxation and peace. “Yoga is for everybody, which means it’s recommended to anybody,” she indicates and during the practice, there are multiple options for students to adjust their comfort. Inside the yoga class there is no competition so students are free to choose which posture to exert.

Perfect for Moms-to-Be

Even for pregnant mothers-to-be, Kassab explains that yoga is a helpful tool in stabilizing hormones while at the same time, is a wonderful way to enjoy a special momentum between the mommy and the baby in the womb. Hence, a quick reminder from Dessi: “As general rule, it is only after the third month where pregnant women can join and as long as they feel it’s okay for their body. We had client who came to my class and went to deliver the next day feeling amazing.”

Key Benefits

Yin Yoga triggers many positive responses. In fact, those practicing Yin Yoga, points out Kassab, are far more peaceful, calm,and at ease with routine anxieties. “We recommend Yin Yoga to those who want to experience yoga for the first time,” she says, and especially those who are looking for release of stress, relaxation, and peace.

(Credit: Dessi Kassab, freelance Yin Yoga instructor in Eco Yoga Sanctuary. Visit: www.eys.ae)


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