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thumbayFostering the Region

Nobody plans illness. But when we fall ill, all of us want the best quality medical care as possible. In light of this, Dubai is evolving and now being internationally recognized as a major potential hub of  high quality medical tourism in the region. According to Dubai Health Authority estimates, the number of medical tourists in Dubai is growing exponentially by 10 to 15 percent annually. Alongside the many healthcare conferences being held annually in Dubai, the supporting three-month medical tourist visa, and even the short-stay visas for specialist doctors required to work in operating theatres for as little as one day, the leaders of Dubai are fostering the region for tourists seeking medical healthcare and wellness.

Core Values

With a mission developed by the basic value of ‘Care without Compromise’, THUMBAY Hospitals pledge to an individual’s well-being and integrity as well as a ‘conviction that medical education and research are paramount to the provision of the highest quality patient care’ is a factor that truly sets THUMBAY Hospitals as a leader amongst international institutions.

Medical tourism is now perceived as one of the fastest growing segments in healthcare. The recent trend is for patients to travel from developed countries to third world countries for medical treatment because of cost consideration, waiting time, privacy, and confidentiality, though the traditional pattern still continues. Technology will lead the way in future medical tourism. Along with that we can expect extremely personalized services, niche specialist centers, wider network of partnerships, increased number of accreditation, certifications and industry specific associations, said Dr. Benazir.

THUMBAY Hospitals is leading the Way

Few hospitals in the region can boast the quality and excellence of THUMBAY Hospitals. A level above its competitors, THUMBAY Hospitals is strongly underpinned by quality of care, excellent medical staff, and supporting medical staff. Also there is a constant dedication to be the best with the latest medical innovations from around the world. They acknowledge and affirm that nowadays, nearly all hospitals around the globe provide services to international patients. Therefore one of the benchmarks of excellence that sets THUMBAY Hospitals apart is its inherent ability to provide a superlative level of difference in care as well as to provide innovative services.

The Synergy

With a committed international patient services team, THUMBAY Hospitals provide the highest level of customized services and has been treating patients from more than 175 nationalities spanning across the globe. Appealing to medical tourists, the hospitals are amply providing medical care and services keeping in mind the needs of their patients all at affordable prices compared

to other developed countries. A synergistic team made up of globally recognized health care professionals coupled with innovative medical technology further sets THUMBAY Hospitals apart. This is of course, in parallel to a skilled team of service executors and excellent customer service ambassadors who provide the bridge of support for both local and overseas patients; from the initial time of enquiry through to a successful discharge from the hospital.

Recovery is Paramount

THUMBAY Hospital takes strongly into account the importance of a patient’s recuperation after major surgeries and operations. Therefore link ups to quality hotels is made to ensure the patient is comfortable and relaxed. According to Mr. Akbar Moideen Thumbay, Director Healthcare, Thumbay Group UAE, with high costs, insufficient expertise and inadequate medical facilities in a home country, he strongly felt the need to offer something unique to international patients. “We found a solution for this and started a dedicated division within the hospital,” he explains. “We offered them unmatched expertise, world-class treatment and facilities at affordable prices and most importantly with no waiting time for treatment.” Also with regard to medical tourism, Mr. Thumbay aims to achieve a target of one thousand patients in a day while setting up partnerships in twenty countries across the globe by recognizing the potential patient influx.

What Sets THUMBAY Apart

A major advantage THUMBAY Hospital has is their high level of International Patients’ coordinators who are either from the patient’s native country or can speak their language. This helps ease the  patient who is then more adept at discussing their personal medical needs. Staff is from many different nationalities and can speak a wide variety of Asian languages, as well as English, Pashto, French, Russian, and Bangladeshi. The International Patients’ coordinators at THUMBAY Hospitals provide the highest level of personal care, from collecting the patient from the airport to assist the patient throughout their check-ups, consultations, and surgeries. Another key difference in medical staff at THUMBAY Hospitals, tells Mr. Thumbay, is the physicians are more than doctors, they are also faculty who teach medical students as well as understand the most recent advancements in medical treatment.

A Unique Model

Gulf Medical University is the first institution to have its own private teaching hospital (THUMBAY Hospital) in the UAE. This has allowed students to attain their clinical training as well as serving people from over 175 nationalities to obtain high quality healthcare at budget-friendly prices. Therefore THUMBAY Hospitals imbibe a unique model of a university campus with a hospital that appeals to doctors of high standards looking for more than just job satisfaction. These doctors benefit from teaching, researching, upgrading and practicing, making our experienced doctors ideal for medical tourists from around the globe.

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