Khuloud Al Nowais Salutes Women Focused On Peak Performance


Khuloud Al Nowais, the chief sustainability officer at The Emirates Foundation applauded the efforts of women who stay focused on achieving their highest potential, often against all odds. Al Nowais was speaking in her role as Summit Ambassador after the recent 2nd Woman’s Peak Performance (WPP) in Abu Dhabi, supported by the Abu Dhabi Convention Bureau, as well as The Emirates Foundation. An audience of more than 140 women and an enthusiastic sprinkling of men, met for the second year running to explore the role of seven performance peaks in achieving personal goals and ambitions.

Summit participants comprised a multi-national, cross-generational mix of businesswomen, entrepreneurs and students from around the UAE, Oman, the UK and Qatar. “The UAE is a country where the impossible becomes possible through positive thinking and determination, and Abu  Dhabi is the perfect location for this summit. I would like to recognize the ambition and desire of women to achieve their highest potential in all areas of their lives,” Al Nowais said.

She noted that the speakers gave inspiring and practical advice through story-telling on all aspects of life, be it financial, emotional, career or business. The overriding message, common across
all presentations, called for individuals and teams to ‘act from a strong and balanced base where the heart resonates with the mind to unlock highest potential’. The full-day master class series was kicked off by Aisha Al Ameer, the first Emirati women to go to the Arctic. Aisha presented the Physical Peak, revealing how she trained and completed several physical challenges as part of her two Polar expeditions in 2015. They have already set the date for the 3rd Women’s Peak Performance Summit to be held on Saturday May 20, 2017.

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