Paying attention… to yourself

Despite women juggling home and career, we are still putting ourselves last on the priorities list. Use our guide to help make yourself number one and in turn, boost your wellbeing.

Get active: Make it a habit to eat well, sleep well, and simply take some time out to breathe. No matter how hectic your schedule is, if you skip these important elements, it will gradually overlap and start affecting all other areas of your life.

Be practical: Don’t feel guilty about dishes piling up or unmade beds, instead invest in domestic help where you can delegate chores and use that time to invest in yourself.

Schedule time: Organize time to freely leave the kids with your partner while you go for a walk or do some yoga.

Connect: Remember, women need to connect with other people – take time to have a laugh and some fun and also during harder times, to share your load with a supportive friend.

Indulge yourself: It is important to have indulgent treat times – shopping, trips to the salon to get your nails done, or a haircut to feel pampered and special.

Write down the things that you love to do: Then schedule these three things into your day as this will give you structured routine and over time, they will gradually become a habit in your day.

Set realistic goals: Then break those down into mini goals to ensure that they are achievable.

Just relax: Sometimes you just have to accept that you won’t get around to doing everything. It’s important to tell yourself that it’s absolutely OK to accept yourself as you are.

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