Negativity Thinking = Self Distraction

Negativity Thinking

We all experience a constant stream of self-talk. The voice that either encourages or discourage us, some people have a glass-half-full perspective and their self-talk is positive, and some have glass half-empty, How we answer this question, will reflect our viewpoint towards life and our attitude toward our self and others, whether we’re a optimistic or pessimistic person also affect our health.

Negativity Thinking = Self DistractionNegative attitude not only makes our personal life shoddier but it is also nuisance to others as well.  The root causes of negative attitude are wrong beliefs about life or certain aspects of it.  Believes are acquired by the process of socialization, primarily from family and friends if they have negative traits, they will inculcate this negativity in us  as well, which makes us short temper, frustrated and stressed all these negative attitude (cause) produces negative circumstances and can end up in unpleasant future, all this not only makes us suffer but others as well. 

Many researchers have supported the hypothesis of effect of optimism and pessimism personality traits on individuals’ health and well-being. Positive thinking is one of the key features of the optimistic personality trait, and one of the effective tools for stress and stress management and associated with many other health benefits. If we have learn pessimism, we may not desolation:  we can learn positive thinking skills as well.

Change Your Negative Attitude

Although it’s difficult but not impossible to change your negative attitude into positive. Its will be like changing your black and white life into colors, by just taking small and consistent steps towards happiness.

  •  Acknowledge your negative attitude and try understanding the outcome of negativity. Always remember that you cause your own mood and you can change it, do not be at the mercy of these negative feelings learn to control and overcome them.
  • Fill your mind with good thoughts by reading inspirational material, and being in good company of people.  Talk health, happiness and prosperity to everyone you meet all the time.
  • Spend so much time on improving yourself that you have no time left to criticize others. “Be too big for worry and too noble for anger”.
  • One positive day can change your entire life. Wake up claiming with a thought “that it will be the best day ever and try your hardest to maintain that attitude all day”.
  •  Always search for good in others, things, environment and condition rather than searching what is wrong or negative, focus on positive side or picture.
  • Be so strong and determined that nothing can disturb your peace of mind. Looking for the positive does not mean to overlook the faults it means forget the mistakes of the past and focus on to the greater achievements of the future.
  • Count your blessings not the dilemmas, remember there is no one who does not have any problems in life; all we need to do is go for blessings and achievements we attain instead of troubles and difficulties we faced. Whatever be the condition, we should always thankful for positive aspect of life.
  • Feeling well within, will improve our job performance as well as personal relationships. To build your self-esteem positively, think positively and look greener side of everything.
  • Removing negative words and phrases from vocabulary and replacing them with others that are more positive can be a helpful way of changing attitude and mindset.
  • Try something you think you are bad at, maybe you think you are awful at singing, writing, table tennis, or some other talent. Perhaps you have just never really given yourself the time to attempt that, you might find a new talent for yourself.
  • Always remember change happens constantly, every single day of life changes no matter what. Even if you have the same routine repeatedly, no two days are ever the same. Recognize this and remember even the days of misfortune and pain will become inoffensive, a “good new days” coming ahead.

Negativity Thinking = Self DistractionHina Aman
Career Counselor
Gulf Medical University Ajman

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