Little Twig Organic Baby Wash

Twig Organic Baby Wash

Little Twig Organic Baby WashWhere to buy:

Baby’s skin is very sensitive and shouldn’t come into contact with harsh products that can cause their skin to dry out. The Little Twig Organic Baby Wash is a lovely product with essential oils. It is made from very high quality, organic ingredients and is free from any nasty chemicals or artificial coloring and fragrances.

Baby’s bath time is a special bonding time with a parent and Little Twig Organic Baby Wash will make it even better. The product has a lovely citrusy scent of lemon, tangerine, combined with rosemary. Other ingredients are chamomile and lavender. This special formula also contains skin-softening Vitamin E to keep your baby’s skin soft and healthy.

In my opinion, this is a great, natural product for your baby’s bath time. It creates lovely bubbles for your baby to enjoy and washes your little one’s skin safely and delicately with only the best ingredients. Overall, this is a fantastic baby wash product.

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