How Stress Can Cause Obesity?

Obesity is the number one health problem in the world today. With an estimate of 70% of the world population are said to be overweight. There are different factors why people get those extra bulges and most of these factors are not really hard to analyze. This includes environment, improper diet, lack of physical activities, genes, stress and many more. In this article, I will discuss more on stress factor and why it highly constitutes for obesity.

There are many known stress conditions such as emotional, mental and physical stress. How these types of conditions make you gain weight? Its simple, you don’t gain weight from stress itself, you gain weight from how you react from stress. A feeling of distress and disappointments are a sign of a stress condition, once you experience this feeling, you tend to relax and eat whatever you want which makes you think can help you get calm and comfortable.

See the picture? For your information, overeating is the main root of obesity and if you don’t realize that you are already over the limit of your regular eating habit, then you definitely gain weight in no time.

How Stress Can Cause ObesityStress makes you more prone to mindless munching. This is called irresponsible eating. When you are eating without control, without hesitation and without consideration, emotional and mental stress are the main culprit why you can’t stop eating.

How about physical stress? How does it affect your health? First off, you have to first determine how you are getting physical stress. The most common physical stress is lack of sleep and we know that if a person has trouble sleeping, he or she tends to add another meal time for his schedule – night snack! Not having enough sleep is not only health damaging, but it can also lead to many conditions like decreased immune system which leads to other deadly diseases.

Fatigue can also make you snack more. It’s a normal feeling that when we are tired or a feeling of fatigue, we indulge ourselves with foods. The mind tells our body that to be able to cope up with tiredness; you have to satisfy yourself with food cravings. We eat, watch television and serve beer. The result, more calories, more fats consumption and you gain weight fast!

How to fight stress and avoid obesity? The first thing you should apply to yourself is to be satisfied and contented. Why? Satisfaction and contentment makes us feel happy, delighted and far away from heartaches. Disappointments and depression constitutes to stress, but if you are able to calm yourself and control your mind, you can avoid stress perfectly.

Physical activities can help you to prevent stress. Exercise and give your body a dose of healthy habits. Different body exercises can boost up our mood and makes us more energetic throughout the day. Play your favorite sports, go to the gym or a simple 15 minute walk in your neighborhood can all help you lose weight naturally.

Stress does more to your health in many negative ways. It does not only constitutes to obesity, but too many diseases known to man. The best way to prevent obesity is to avoid getting stressed up. You have to stop the cycle of stress and gain weight instantly to prevent you from getting the same mistakes over and over again.

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