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Food BuzzFor delicious and authentic Turkish food right in the heart of Jumeirah, visit Saray Sultan to tantalize your taste buds….

Saray Sultan is located off Jumeirah Beach Road on the top floor of the new Reem Mall. With mosaic tiled walls and the option to dine outdoors on the terrace, the ambiance is fully Turkish. Saray Sultan employs Turkish cooks who use only the freshest and most authentic ingredients; from the meat to the spices, the flavors, and presentation—this is as Turkish as you get.

We started our meal with a traditional yogurt drink called Ayran which is a blend of salt and freshly in-house made yoghurt served in traditional copper cups. Our mezze was a mixed variety that included six traditional dips, from cucumber in chilled yogurt, Ezme, a slightly spiced chili paste in olive oil, Mutabbel and Baba Ghanoush; all complemented by freshly baked Turkish flatbread. We also sampled Pide; a pizza like bread dish stuffed with minced meat and parsley. Both were fresh, delicious and the long bread fresh from the oven smothered with toasted sesame seeds was good enough to eat on its own. Our mains included Sultan Kebob, which was stuffed with Feta cheese and mozzarella along with a smattering of pine nuts. The most renowned of the Turkish dishes–Iskender, was mixed grilled meats smothered in a creamy yogurt sauce placed on a layer of Turkish bread. The dish was succulent with hints of roasted tomato and olive oil. Another dish was a stew with meat, mixed vegetables, and tomato sauce. The entire meal was complemented by traditional rice with Bulgur and tomato as well as assorted breads. To top off our meal, we sampled the flaky and nutty Turkish baklava with icecream drizzled with honey. The second was the Turkish kunafe, decadent with warm, melt-in-your-mouth cheese. To Food Buzz For delicious and authentic Turkish food right in the heart of Jumeirah, visit Saray Sultan
to tantalize your taste buds… finish off the feast, we enjoyed traditional Turkish pomegranate tea and apple green tea.

A great eatery that is serving up authentic Turkish food in a family like ambiance, Saray Sultan is a perfect place to take family and friends for
a delicious meal out and to sample Turkish hospitality and cuisine at its best.

Visit Saray Sultan on the first floor of Reem Mall, Jumeirah 3; 04 3217700

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