Corporate lifestyle in Dubai

1. What one can do to take care of stress and fatigue?
In the current era, the competitive world puts a high demand on the corporate executives and employees.  It leads to mental stress besides poor quality of life; disturbed routine for eating, exercising and sleeping. A healthy lifestyle is essential for everybody’s life. Good nutrition, quitting smoking, controlling your body weight, intakes of fruits and vegetables, adequate sleeps are very important components. Make exercise a regular part of your lifestyle.Corporate lifestyle in Dubai

2. Keeping track of your heart.
Regular blood pressure, sugar and cholesterol monitoring are important to ensure a healthy heart. Any middle aged, apparently healthy individual should undergo these monitoring about once a year. It is also advisable to have a baseline ECG taken as a benchmark for future reference. Depending upon the presence or absence of other problems, the frequency can be increased as per advice of your doctor.

3. The common complaints one gets as a doctor in this part of the world and what we can do to counter those.
The common complaints with which patients present here are heartburn, palpitation, chest pain, body aches and fatigue etc. In many circumstance, these are nonspecific and not related to any significant disease. Nevertheless, the prevalence of these symptoms reflects anxiety, stress and unhealthy lifestyle.

4. Getting rid of the ‘Dubai stone’. The ‘Dubai stone’ is the extra weight you put on because of the lifestyle here.
It is commonly seen that the people living in Dubai have averagely higher body weight. Most new migrants gain significant weight as early as over a year after arrival. The lifestyle here is rich and sedentary. To make the matters worse, hot climate prevents outdoor activities and incidental walking. For the similar reasons, there are not many bicycle riders.

Corporate lifestyle in Dubai

The only way to get rid of your ‘Dubai stone’ is to follow a regular diet and exercise regime. Do it with a commitment and conviction. Here are a few tips:

  • Avoid junk food and sugary drinks
  • Have a good breakfast and small light meals/ snacks through the day.
  • Drink plenty of plain cold water and fruit juices.
  • Sleep well every day.
  • Have regular exercise.

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