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Buying watchFinally deciding which watch to buy is not an easy decision; should it be embellished with gems or a classically simple watch? Read on as HEALTH makes the decision easier with our watch buying guide…

Before you shell out hard earned cash, there are 10 very important aspects to look for in a watch before deciding whether or not to actually make that purchase. These include:

1. The Motive

Ask yourself why you want a watch in the first place. Is it to make a statement or just to tell time? Aspects to consider include the brand, case style, materials, band style, decorations, and type of movement in a luxury watch.

2. The Price

Decide on a price range before you start shopping and then investigate the options in that range; the price tag for a luxury watch is extremely varied and can range from a few thousand Dirhams to even a few hundred thousand Dirhams and onwards.

3. The Casings

For many people, a luxury watch is a gold watch crafted from the finest 18-karat yellow gold. Luxury watches are created using the finest materials available. White gold is also a choice for understated elegance as is red gold for a jazzier appeal. Luxury watches, especially those designed with multiple functions, are also available as well made stainless steel timepieces. Straps are often crafted in high quality crocodile or leather or else can be bracelets of the same metal as the watch. On very high end watches, hand-stitched straps are more common.

4. The Jewels

From diamonds to sapphires and rubies, there is no limit and the exquisiteness of jewellery watches adds that unique sparkle to suits and dressy clothes. It is paramount that if you are purchasing a watch with gemstones, that these are certified and authentic.

5. The Functions

For watch aficionados, it is the interior mechanics of a watch that distinguishes it from others and determines its value. People who appreciate the skill of watchmaking generally want manual-wind or automatic mechanical movements in their timepieces. In fact, the most elite of luxury watches usually have a mechanical movement, which showcases the talent of a mature watchmaker better than a quartz movement.

6. The Complications

A complication is any function other than basic timekeeping, such as the stopwatch on a chronograph. Complications demonstrate the skill and prestige of watch companies, and the presence of handmade complications can significantly increase the price of a watch.

7. The Materials

Steel watches should be made from grade 316L stainless steel almost all the time. Plus, the watch case and bracelet links should be solid pieces of metal rather than folder metal or anything hollow.

8. The Movement

This is the heart of your watch and Switzerland is known for making the highest quality watch movements and most come from ETA. Be sure your watch is completely powered by an authentic Swiss movement and has a document that guarantees this. Some well-known and highly expert watch making brands include Omega, Rolex, Patek Phillipe as well as Lange and Sohne, to name a few.

9. The Weight

Weight often signifies solid construction using a high quality steel. On more expensive watches you start to see materials such as titanium which are lighter than steel, but in this price segment weight is often times a sign of quality.

10. The Brand

Usually there are four places you will see the name of the watch maker. This is on the face of the watch, the case back, on the crown, and on the deployment clasp or strap buckle.

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