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HEALTH meets fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blogger Sabrina Cherrati whose Instagram page Fashion4divas aims to help women heighten their style and confidence with aplomb.

fashion blogThe Start
“I have been blogging for more than 10 years now. Initially, I decided to blog because a lot of my friends were asking me where I buy my clothes from and they wanted my help in choosing their  clothes. I started in France a few years ago and then moved to Dubai and started a fresh page with fashion4divas on Instagram.”

Style Statement
“My style is chic, classy, and street style sometimes. I like to mix expensive pieces with not-so-expensive pieces.”

“My source of inspiration comes from everywhere. I look at new trends from the Western world as well as the Arabic world. I look at the fashion styles of famous models as they have always amazing taste.”

The Surge of Social Media
“I think social media platforms have become big because it’s an easy way to access information from across the globe. And you can socialize and share your thoughts with people from all around the world. You can have access to new trends instantly and see what’s in or out thanks to the suggestions and thoughts of millions of people.”

Personal Favorites
“My favorite designer is Karl Lagarfeld. I have an obsession with Chanel. Chanel will always be in. Whatever the collection, it is always beautiful, delicate, and precious. I also love Valentino and Elie Saab. They give a very modern vision of women with a creative and classic touch.”

Your Blog
“The difference with my blog is that I share accessible fashion. You can easily buy the same outfits that I show on my blog. But I also have luxury pieces which I think spice up the whole outfit. We
need to dream and have a look at beautiful expensive accessories and clothes. It’s good for the soul.”

Insider Information

“I hate wearing heels! I do love them, in fact I have a closet full of heels, but I never wear them. I love to see them because for me, heels are the most beautiful thing in an outfit.”

Favorite products
“In my handbag you will always find my Lancôme Volumes lip gloss, my watermelon Chapstick, my Victoria Secret body parfum, and my Estee Lauder Mascara Volumizer”.


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