Baby’s Bliss Gripe Water Travel Pack

Bliss Gripe Water Travel Pack

Gripe water is an old-fashioned remedy to relieve colic-related discomfort in infants and babies. Mothers of colicky babies go through a very difficult time watching their treasured baby suffering: crying inconsolably in pain. Gripe water brings relief to the non-stop fussing and crying – which helps both the baby, in soothing their symptoms, but also the parents.  

Bliss Gripe Water Travel PackBaby’s Bliss Gripe Water Travel Pack is an all natural and herbal product that soothes your baby’s discomfort quickly. At the same time, it is safe to use and very gentle on your little one’s stomach. The product contains organic fennel and ginger extract, sodium bicarbonate and other all-natural ingredients. In addition, it is free from any nasty chemicals or preservatives. It can also be used if your baby suffers from persistent hiccups or teething problems. The product can be used from as young as 2 weeks old, but it is always best to ask your pediatrician before giving your baby anything.

Traditionally gripe water contained alcohol but I like Baby’s Bliss Gripe Water as it contains no alcohol, but is purely natural. The travel pack version of Baby’s Bliss Gripe Water is ideal for packing into your diaper bag or handbag when going out for the day. It contains 1.5oz and will make life so much easier and enjoyable for you and your baby.

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