3 Essential Tips To Help You Detox Your Body And Mind

The word ‘detox‘ has taken on a much broader and more dynamic meaning over the past two decades. We now know it to mean assisting the body with the removal of everyday physical and emotional toxins. Pollutants regularly permeate our food, air, water, personal care products, even the clothes we wear – all impacting how the body functions.

Follow these 3 essential tips to help you detox your body and mind:

Fiber is critical to effective detoxification. Fiber sources include: legumes, non-starchy vegetables, beans, fruits, seeds, nuts, and flax-seed meal. The general recommendation for fiber is about 30 to 35 grams daily.

When it comes to the emotional aspects of the gut, consider any outdated emotions that are stored in the body and need to be ‘excreted’. When we do not properly ‘eliminate’ unhealthy emotions, we can experience increased levels of stress. Stress not only causes inflammation, but can elicit poor digestive function.

Deep breathing is an example of one way to aid in moving the gut. When we breathe in deeply, the diaphragm moves down gently, massaging our intestines, and when we exhale, we create space in the gut area, allowing waste to move through us.

If toxins are not being excreted in stools, they can end up in urine and sweat. For this reason, drinking adequate water is an imperative for healthy detoxification. Fiber works best with fluid, and being properly hydrated allows toxins to move in and out of cells freely.

During detoxification, also consider any emotions that may need to be released. Tears are thought to help the body release inflammatory cytokines. In one clinical study by Dr. Ishii and colleagues at the Nippon Medical School in Tokyo, they showed that being easily brought to tears is associated with a better response for the immune and neuro-endocrine systems.

The liver is the classic ‘hub’ of metabolic detoxification, and acts as the head of the army of attack against toxins. One of the basic requirements for the liver to function is protein.High-quality, hypoallergenic protein such as rice protein with added amino acids is one example of a protein source that can provide the raw materials to get toxins packaged for their exit out of the body.

Other substances that can help streamline the processing of toxins through the liver include: green tea, curry, and cruciferous vegetables. It is recommended to get at least one serving daily.

When it comes to emotions, traditional medicine would say the liver is about action, which is why anger is often associated with this organ. Anger is simply a ‘call to act’. It is a catalyst that prompts us to change something or make a statement about our boundaries. During the detoxification process, note the presence of anger. Is it easily expressed or stuffed down inside? Finding healthy ways to vent anger can be more beneficial than just reacting in a volatile way.

Detoxification is an essential process for most individuals nowadays due to the increased toxic burdens we carry. There are ways to make the most of daily detoxification through foods and drinks that assist in the functioning of the gut and liver. Include the emotions in conjunction with the physical body for a deeper elimination.

Article Source: http://www.curejoy.com/content/detox-your-life/

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