Why all of us should be swimming

Many of us who never learned to swim assume it’s too late to learn, but the fact is that not only is swimming an enjoyable way to spend time together as a family, it’s a great way to stay fit during the hotter months. Here are some reasons why all of us should be swimming.

Swimming can help you lose inches and weight and also build muscle tone.

Habitual swimmers, according to research, are biologically around 20 years younger than their actual age as swimmers blood pressure, cognition levels, cholesterol, and cardiovascular fitness levels were comparable to a younger age group.

An average swim can burn around 450 calories an hour and because water is denser than air, swimming is similar to resistance training.

Besides cooling you down, swimming exercises the heart, lungs, and muscles with very little joint strain.

Swimming can also help develop overall strength and endurance. It can give you yoga-like flexibility.

Feel-good endorphins are released during swimming and therefore, can help you cope better with stress.

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