Wearable Forms of Art – MONOGRAM

Inspired by Edward Tufte’s quote of ‘Escaping Flatland’ MONOGRAM has created a series of collections that explore this theme in search of its effect on Arabic letters. From paper, they formed sculptures of what the letters would look like if it were set free from paper. Considering the fragile nature of paper, the designs were transferred from paper onto another material that is long-lasting and wearable.


The designs are wearable art forms made from 18k gold designed to evoke the public to challenge themselves and think in multiple dimensions. Through each collection, we see a different story of the letters escape from flatland, yet they leave it to the people who wear the jewelry to create their own story. In MONOGRAM’s version of the story, they say that the main characters (the letters) symbolize the United Arab Emirates, a culture that is urban, daring, and multi-dimensional. This PATRIOTIC RHYTHM collection symbolizes the celebration of the UAE unity through its Arabic letters, pronounced: Alif. Ain. Meem, which spells the initials of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Through a harmonious rhythm, the letters come together in flawless unity that artistically reflect the strong unison that the UAE citizens together live and experience. MONOGRAM encourages these letters be worn with pride and become part of this rhythm

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