Voyoga For Optimal Wellness

vyogaThe latest fitness trend to hit our region, HEALTH finds out what makes voyoga a cut above the rest.

What is voyoga?
Voyoga is a purposely designed yoga studio featuring a hot studio and a regular yoga studio. It is the first yoga centre in the Middle East to have won an award for its branding. We offer yoga 7 days a week to people from all walks of life. Our main aim is to provide a center for everyday working people who need to come and sweat and stretch it out after a long day at work or sweat it out in the hot room with Bikram yoga or hang out in a swing.

What classes do you offer?We offer all types of yoga in both the hot room and regular room. We have swing yoga 7 days a week as well as our specialist classes including kundalini , gong meditation and various other weekly meditations.

What makes Voyoga Unique?

Voyoga is real yoga for real people. From beginners to regular practitioners, we have something for everyone. Even complete beginners can enjoy swing yoga or get introduced to the hot room with the classic Bikram or our signature hot Voyoga sequence.The exciting blend of different classes combined with our highly qualified teachers creates a unique voyoga experience for everyone.

Being located in Tecom at the Irise tower makes us an easy access point as well as being situated on the 31st floor makes us the highest yoga studio in Dubai. Therefore while students are enjoying their yoga practice, they can take in panoramic scenery.

We have also teamed up with Bio organic to provide students with healthy and refreshing juices and smoothies after their class.

What are the health benefits of practicing yoga?

Practicing yoga stretches out every muscle in the body whilst balancing the mind. Also it maintains your nervous system while boosting your immunity and regulating your hormones. It also helps to lower blood sugar levels, increases your flexibility and balance whilst also protecting your spine.

Do you have to be fit and healthy to practice yoga?

Yoga welcomes everybody no matter what fitness level you are at. It is always advisable to consult a doctor regarding any injuries or ailment you may have. From the office workers to the athlete yoga is the perfect complement to your daily routine, making you stronger, fitter and healthier.

Are there benefits of practicing hot yoga along with regular yoga practice?

Yes, hot yoga is the perfect addition to your regular yoga practice. It allows the body to get deeper into postures, creating more flexibility and strength in your muscles and joints. Practice pranayama to increase your lung capacity adding focus and balance to your routine.

During a week we find that the same student likes to attend classes in the hot room as well as regular yoga and Pilates. This is why at Voyoga we have packages that allow our clients to attend all the classes on offer.

What is the best thing about yoga?

Yoga makes you happier,healthier and more balanced. So come and discover your inner strength at voyoga today.

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