Use Your Smart Phone to Get Healthier

It is clear that one of the biggest issues we are facing in modern society is unparalleled levels of diseases caused by poor lifestyle. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that 19 percent of UAE residents are diabetic and 60 percent are overly stressed. Why not use your smart phone technology to help live a healthier lifestyle instead?

Connecting a Health Coach With Your Smart Phone

Health coaches typically have a background in medicine; nutrition, or physical training, and help people improve lifestyles and help prevent chronic diseases. Yet the process that goes behind meeting a health coach is laborious and time consuming-especially if you have lived in a particular way for over a decade and expect to reverse that lifestyle or those habits after a 30-minutes
consultation. The smart phone has, in fact, changed the entire process of health coaching and made it much more efficient and effective.

Here Are Three Key Ways Smart Phone Technology Has Changed the World of Health Coaching:


Many of us don’t have the time to visit a health coach, but a smart phone enables a video call which ensures that a consultation can be done remotely and in a time-efficient manner. Video calls also ensure that follow-up consultations and periodic check-ins can be done efficiently and more regularly.


Research has shown that getting people to change habits that they have followed for a long time is very difficult. However, smart phone messaging allows continuous and ongoing communication conveniently which helps build trust and a rapport. The coach can also share regular articles or videos to educate the client about good lifestyle tips such as intermittent fasting to convince the client to adopt the habit. Finally, the coach is always there 24/7 to support the client in moments of weakness or when the client is feeling low and wants reassurance that the habits are worth
sticking to.


There are a plethora of apps that can help introduce good habits into the lifestyle and ensure that incorporating good habits becomes easy. For example, there are various apps offering short guided
meditation routines that can be done at home or in a gym. More importantly, there are apps that can be used to track critical parameters like steps

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