Treating Your Pets the Right Way

petMany of us who have pets instinctively can tell if their pet is unwell or distressed but have no clue how to handle it. Health meets Eliana Eleftheriou, international master, teacher, and consultant in healing who explains her healing techniques for pets in particular.

Signs of Trouble

According to Eleftheriou, pets may act in a strange way in the presence of a person or any child, to a specific sound or to another animal. “Just like humans, pets and animals with bad experiences
like abandonment, rejection, lack of love or attention can bring up a strange or peculiar behavior and their personality is developed based on that,” she explains.


Going back to the womb of their mother, Eleftheriou points out that they definitely took on their mother’s experiences, fears, and other emotions. “It is very important the care they had after
they were born as like all living beings on this planet, animals need lots of love to grow and be healthy and happy,” she says, then if they don’t have enough Treating Your Pets the Right Way of love from their owner, it will definitely show in their behavior and moods. Healing then is done remotely as Eleftheriou needs to be in a meditative state to do the work. “I use different techniques
depending on the circumstances of the animal,” she explains.

Tips to Keep Your Pets Happy

  • The animal must be given lots of love and be nurtured well.
  • The pet should be included in our everyday life so that they feel that they are important and part of our life.
  • They need to receive attention and lots of play.
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