Top Tips to Keep Your Family Cool as the Heat and Humidity Rises

Heat and Humidity RisesThere are many ways families can keep cool during the warmer and more humid months – all of which are easy and inexpensive. The below tips will reduce discomfort due to the heat, and make the rising temperatures more bearable.

Ice blast

Ice cube trays offer the most natural cooler in the world – ice. Replenish the trays on a frequent basis to keep drinks cool, place them in front of a fan for an icy cold blast, or wrap them in cooling towels to dab on your face to bring your temperature down. Alternatively, pop some fruit in the freezer and then enjoy, either as a cooling treat or to make cold drinks even more refreshing.

Cooking habits

Instead of preparing a cooked meal for your family – which can involve ovens temperatures of up to 200 degree Celsius and scorching hot hobs – the summer is the perfect time to try out some
fresh, colder alternatives. Not only will your home cool down without the heat from an oven circulating, but fresh foods like salad and cold meats will keep you from feeling even hotter during
meal times.

Keeping hydrated

Hydration is key to ensuring energy levels are kept high and that our body temperatures are controlled. It may be the most classic piece of advice but an extremely valuable one all the same. Aim to drink plenty of mineral water throughout the day – and encourage your family to do the same.

Cool sheets

So many of us love the cold side of the pillow but how about making your entire bed cool? Pop your sheets and pillow cases in plastic bags and make room for them in the freezer for a few hours.
Getting into bed has never been so refreshing!

(Credit: Kleenex ME)

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