The Top Reasons We Should All Be Doing Holistic Fitness For 2017

fitness-1HEALTH meets with top celebrity fitness trainer Julie Rammal and the curator behind the J Sport; an out of the box approach towards fitness and wellbeing. She explains why all of us need to approach fitness holistically in 2017.

Holistic Fitness Defined

“Holistic fitness goes deeper than just training the external part of your body. It addresses physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. JSport’s holistic fitness offers a mix of: aerobics, pilates, yoga, primal movements, martial arts, dance, stretching, and more that have been specially designed and sequenced to bring your body and mind into harmony with nature.”

Holistic Fitness versus Traditional Fitness

“Holistic fitness trains the inside and outside of your body. I always tell my clients that in order to look good, you must feel good; and holistic fitness does that. Your body is trained as one entity while reconnecting you back
to you. It restores your body to its healthiest state of movement. It is a movement that your body understands.
It offers therapeutic benefits such as removing physical blockages, opens chakras, meridian points, improves blood
circulation and your chi (life force energy), your body and mind awareness, plus over 15 other incredible benefits.”

“Regular fitness focuses on training the external part of your body and focuses on: cardiovascular training, strength, muscular strength and endurance, flexibility, and body composition. In summary, holistic fitness is your answer to exercise, moving and staying healthy in the present and in the future.”


The following are some phenomenal benefits that JSport offers through holistic training:

  • Reconnects and empowers you.
  • The exercise system offers therapeutic health benefits and fitness exercises that were founded on the basic building blocks of what our body was designed to do. Your muscle memory quickly recognizes these movements and exercises and this is why results are seen in as little as three sessions.
  • It lengthens your muscles and strengthens them naturally, leaving the body proportional.
  • Tones your body naturally and improves cardio, strength, and blood circulation.
  • Helps with anti-aging.
  • Improves your respiration, energy, and vitality.
  • Improves your flexibility, weight reduction, and athletic performance.
  • Improves focus.
  • Trains fast and slow twitch muscles.
  • Unifies body, mind, and soul.
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