Modern health care integrates complementary and alternative medicine with its conventional counterpart to lay the foundation of wellness in society. The slightest imbalance in lifestyle, disturbance to the finest nuances of our moods, and/or a deficiency of micro-nutrients can make a vital difference to the way we feel. HEALTH investigates the top five healing therapies…

A new vitamin infusion that can be administered intravenously promises to take away your stress and fatigue; heal, and add that extra spring in your step. This multivitamin infusion works by replenishing all of the essential vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, and amino acids to help the body function. A clinic in Dubai exclusively offers 11 varieties of Vita Drip Infusions based on the specific energy boost that you may need. These intravenous infusions have a variety of benefits such as detox, anti-aging, anti-oxidant, hydration, and provides immunity boost, and can even help control hyperpigmentation and dark circles too. Their most popular is the Adrenalin Fatigue Vita Drip, which is best to minimize pre-menopause and menopause symptoms

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) has recently been added to the list of wellness therapies in the UAE. Oxygen is a rejuvenating elixir that can help kick in healing, tissue rejuvenation, better blood circulation, and strengthening of the immune system at a very fast rate. Dr. Ekta Anandani, Chief Physician at an HBOT chamber explains, “In this treatment, the individual is placed  in the chamber where pressurised oxygen is pumped. The pressure is equivalent to a 10 meter underwater dive. Each session lasts from 1 hour and 20 minutes to 1 hour and 50 minutes, depending on the time the patient requires. Usually 3 to 4 sessions are required to heal a patient.” The increased flow of oxygen is especially very beneficial to diabetic patients who suffer from poor circulation in the lower limbs and accelerates wound healing, as well as the repair of damaged tendons during sports injury.

One of the most path breaking healing treatments for acute and chronic pain management and quick cure of injury is the use of extremely Low Level of Laser therapy (LLT) where laser beams are directed at the affected area. Dr. Nassim Ashraf, Special Complementary Therapist explains, “LLT is mild and causes a very slight energy change at an injury site. It stimulates the body’s own immune system to direct more new anti-bodies and new cells to the area. This is a sort of bio-stimulation which helps in clearing the injured tissue debris, directing more blood flow, and new cells for regeneration. This is more effective than using pain blockers.” LLT is very effective in treating acute pain injuries such as a sports injury, tissue damage, or tendon repair as well as in chronic injuries such as joint or muscle pain, neck strain, or muscle pull.

Panchkarma is a powerful detoxification program that follows five cleansing steps based on the ancient Indian health system of Ayurveda. Asha Jones, Senior Ayurveda Practitioner explains the process. “As per Ayurveda, our body is governed by three elements or doshas – Vata (air), Pitta (fire), and Kapha ( water) and also, the wrong lifestyle and diets throw these out of balance, causing fatigue and sickness.” Jones recommends Panchkarma which involves Vamana (elimination of toxins through regurgitation with herbs), virechana (purging the body with herbal bowel cleanse), vasti (a colon cleanse with medicated enemas), nasya (cleanse of the respiratory passage with medicated oils), and rakthamokthasana (letting out of toxic blood, which is not practiced in the UAE).

Dr. Zeng Jing, Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner recommends ‘Cupping’ and Acupuncture for restoring the balance of the Yin and Yang in the body and to correct the flow of Qi or positive energy in the body. Dr. Jing tells, “In Traditional Chinese Medicine, toxins are also known as ‘six evils’ – wind; cold; heat; dryness; dampness; and summer heat. The central principle of ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine is to diagnose and identify the toxin and restore the balance of the human body using the relevant therapy to open the energy channels.” Dr. Jing uses: Cupping: Special cups are locked on certain points of the body using the vacuum technique, resulting in improved circulation and deep tissue massage. Acupuncture: Very fine needles are inserted at specific points, depending on the patient’s complaint. In a typical session lasting 30 minutes, 10 to 20 needles are inserted to unblock energy channels.

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