Top 5 Herbal Remedies For Hyperthyroidism

herbal-remedies-for-hyperthyroidismHyperthyroidism is the condition in which excessive thyroid hormone is produced by thyroid gland. Most people resort to natural ways to treat or manage hyperthyroidism as they have lesser side effects and cure the disease holistically.

Curing hyperthyroidism naturally involves use of both herbs and nutritional supplements. Despite the popularity of these herbs and natural supplements, it is suggested that one should consult the doctor prior to using them. Here are some herbs that help people deal with hyperthyroidism symptoms.

Best Herbal Remedies For Hyperthyroidism


Bugleweed – Bugleweed is considered to be the prime herb responsible for natural treatment of hyperthyroidism. It behaves much like a natural anti-thyroid medication by inhibiting T4 output. At the same time, it decreases T3 levels by preventing conversion of T4 into T3. Bugleweed is especially helpful for those people who experience shaking, shortness in breath and palpitations as common symptoms of hyperthyroidism. Bugleweed contains lithospermic acid that reduces the levels of thyroxine hormone. This lithospermic acid prevents antibodies from binding on to the thyroid gland. The vasoconstrictor actions of bugleweed relieve tension as well as irritability caused by pain associated with hyperthyroidism. At the same time, bugleweed increases amount of iodine absorption and reduces thyroid weight.

It is to be noted that you should consult the doctor prior to using bugleweed and check out if you would have to use other conventional anti-thyroid drugs along with this herb. Also, one should not exceed its recommendeddosage as it may result in decreased thyroid function. Pregnant women and nursing mothers should avoid its use. It is found in the form of tea, tinctures and capsules. It gives more effective results when mixed with lemon balm and gromwell.


Lemon Balm – Belonging to the mint family, lemon balm has been in use since ancient times as a remedy for hypertension, migraine headaches, nervousness and hyperthyroidism. This particular herb acts as calming agent and binds TSH levels thereby managing hyperthyroidism symptoms. By inhibiting TSH, lemon balm reduces excessive secretions of thyroid hormone. It detoxifies the body and boosts the immune system. It also blocks the antibodies that stimulate the thyroid hormone. Lemon balm relieves insomnia, enhances mood and reduces anxiety – all being symptoms of hyperthyroidism. Recommended daily dosage is 300 to 500mg.


Motherwort – Sometimes when a person suffering from hyperthyroidism takes bugleweed as a remedy, he/she may experience palpitations. In such a situation, bugleweed can be combined with motherwort herb to completely eliminate palpitations. In fact, motherwort has been in use since the time of ancient Greek and Roman civilizations as a remedy for heart palpitations. It is also effective in reducing depression. It acts much in the fashion of a beta blocker (like propranolol) but in a natural way. It reduces some common hyperthyroidism symptoms such as palpitations and tachycardia. However, it would not be wise to compare the efficiencies of conventional beta blockers to that of motherwort herb.


Eleuthro – Also known as Siberain Ginseng, this particular herb does not act directly on the thyroid gland but helps peoplecope with stress that triggers hyperthyroidism. Stress also affects the adrenal health negatively.Eleuthro when taken along with licorice root increases cortisol levels and boosts adrenal health. Also, it boosts the immune system. It is also beneficial for the adrenal glands. This herb should not be taken over a long period of time.


Echinacea – This particular herb is equally recommended for people suffering from either Grave’s Disease or Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. It boosts the immune system and helps people cope with symptoms of hyperthyroidism.A strong immune system helps the body fight against the causal factors of hyperthyroidism. One should be extremely precautious while buying this herb because only the highest quality form of Echinacea is effective against hyperthyroidism. It is easily available across all stores. So you should be alert not to settle down for just any quality but the best.


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