Tips to Do Pedicure with Natural Ingredients

PedicureSome Smart Tips to Do Pedicure with Natural Ingredients

We often crib about stress. We forget about our daily tight schedule. From the time we get wake up till go to sleep, we are on our toe all the time. We neglect to spare a few minutes to take rest and let the body relax. Never do we do anything to relieve the tension that develops in our legs and make them relax after a hectic day of running all about meeting errands.

We must take equal care of our pair of beautiful legs and give importance to the feet too. Keeping that in mind, we have pinpointed in this article effective and easy method to do pedicure at home with natural ingredients.

There is no formula as good as the pedicure to beautify your legs. You can do it at your home but it really never the same. For a DIY routine, you need to have these items: nail brush, pumice stone, loofah, nail cleaner, file, a heavy duty moisturizing cream, cuticle pusher, nail cutter, herbal shampoo, acetone, lemon slices, marigold flower, a tube of hot water, honey and flowers.

After you arrange all the items, follow these step-by-step guides:

  1. Clean your nails: Take your acetone and clean your nails. Then cut and file them. Keep their shape and length according to your requirement.
  2. Massage with cream or honey: Massage your nails with a little honey or cream. Take a tube of hot water. Add some fresh lemon slices and marigold petals to it. Dip your legs into it.

  3. Use Pumice Stone: Once your feel that your skins and nails have softened, take the brush and clean the nails. Then dislodge dead skins on the heel with pumice stone. Pat dry and clean the nails with a cleaner and cuticle pusher.

  4. Remove tan: Remove tan by rubbing the lemon slices on the skin. Use your towel to pat dry.

  5. Smooth out dead skin: Now it’s the time for smoothing out your dead skin. Use the loofah. Mix 2 teaspoon each of honey and cream. Massage well the skin. Wipe off by using hot towels. Now you are done.


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