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Dr. Smitha Prabhakar’s entire career journey is a testimony to the fact that one doesn’t need to confine oneself to any boundaries, where she has embraced change and evolved with every step she’s taken. Born in India, and lived in Mumbai and US, Dr. Smitha’s long tryst with wellness began around 23 years ago. Her zeal to help people and recuperate their health by overcoming traumatic experiences and anxiety led her to open a wellness concept in Dubai called Auracle Wellness.

Currently, she conducts Wellness Programs and Energy Meridian analysis at the Rixos the Palm, Palm Jumeirah, to evaluate stress index and energy blockages and provide holistic solutions to restore and balance each individual’s energy vortices, which in turn contributes to the guests’ emotional and physical wellbeing.

What is the main lesson you have learned as a serial entrepreneur in the UAE?

As a serial entrepreneur, the main lesson I have learned is to have the right team who needs to be aligned with your values and ethics and I help them to grow individually. When you have the right balance of personal and career growth, this contributes to happier individuals in the workspace and thus contributing towards a greater growth in business. I am involved with conceptualization to execution of any project just to ensure that the quality is maintained at the highest standards.

Now we move onto your holistic approach to wellbeing, tell us more about what you do in this space.

The clients that come and see me require positive energy and uncluttered mind and clear thinking for making the right decisions. Based on stressful situations we face on a daily basis, we might naturally shift towards negative feelings, therefore encouraging a negative space, which will affect productivity. The signature mind-body detox programs help them to come to a space leading to unconditional happiness backed up with numerous real-life testimonials.

What are the main problems that working professionals face today and how is your work helping them?

These include stress, time management issues, anxiety, depression, work life balance, therefore affecting their relationships with their closed ones, financial stress, performance pressure and the list goes on.

Our personalized programs help them to address each of the above issues, with various modalities, based on the energy analysis performed. Programs including wellness consultation and mindfulness coaching would be a starting point to identify the root cause of the issue. Dr. Smitha is known to have derived the ultimate blueprint for happiness, and conducting signature sessions, leaving people astoundingly transformed even in just one session.

How can entrepreneurs take control of their stress and energy levels?

Well, I would suggest wellness protocols to start with mindfulness practices, breathing techniques, tailored fitness regime, right nutrition, and precise hydration discipline. The wellness Blue-Print is personalized for each individual based on their necessary elements, as in which areas they need to work on.

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