The five rules of running

All of know how to run, but it takes more than putting on a pair of running shoes and going outside. Here are some key rules for running to help you along the way.


If you’ve had some medical problems or are worried about running, it is advised to visit your doctor for a medical examination to rule out any kinds of problems. Most people don’t need to, however it’s a good way to clear your doubts. ORGANIZE YOUR SHOES Running can put weight on your joints, muscles, and tendons, so be sure you have a good pair of shoes to take in some of the shock. Shoes created for other sports such as tennis won’t provide the protection and support you need, so buying shoes especially for running is well worth it to prevent discomfort and avoid injury in the future.


By warming up for five to 10 minutes before you run, you prepare your body for the tougher movements in advance. Increasing your heart rate and relaxing your muscles enables optimal performance. And remember to warm down afterwards as this enables muscle recovery.


A GPS wristwatch is a good running gadget however, when you’re first starting to run, don’t worry about running for a set amount of time or a rigidly fixed distance. Instead, aim to reach a landmark which can be changed to one that is slightly further after every couple of runs.


Embarking upon a sport that your body isn’t used to is always going to feel uneasy initially, so instead of taking an all-or-nothing approach, do a run/walk combined approach. Start with a 45 second run/one-minute walk and then move up gradually, slowly increasing the run time between breaks until you stop them altogether. This will help your body adapt faster to the new running routine.

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