Tea for Weight Loss – Best Way To Lose Weight Without Exercise

teaFor people, tea is tea and it can’t be replaced with any other drink or beverage. Previously, only one flavoured tea was renowned but now a days, you will get varieties of flavoured tea. The variations of tea are good in taste and beneficial for health as well. Few sorts of tea are highly beneficial for health, as it fight with some diseases, boost the metabolism, quell hunger, reduce stress and shrink the fat cells, etc.

It is noticed that the people who drank tea has less body fat as compared to those don’t drink tea. It is good to know that tea is incredible for you, as it prevents you from the arthritis, stroke, cardiovascular diseases, dental decay and cancer as well. Moreover, it also supports a lot in losing the weight; tea will boost up the digestion and reduce the bad cholesterol level.

Does tea help weight loss ?

If you want to lose weight quickly without using any chemicals, then you should have to take natural, healthy and safe diet as well as you have to avoid some kind of foods. Tea will help you to reduce bloating, clean your body and burned the stored fat. A cup of tea is a perfect beverage for soothing a sore throat and an impeccable drink in the cold’s night. In tea as well, lots of varieties are available, some of them are which are really helpful in weight loss. They are:

Oolong Tea

It will boost metabolism of a body as well as it has an ability to metabolise fat. With the regular use of Oolong tea, one can lose one pound in a week.

Mint Tea



Intake of peppermint tea will make you skinny, because it reduces your hunger. A person who sniffed mint tea in every two hours will be able to lose weight of around 5 pounds in a month. In addition, it also has less caffeine as compared to a cup of coffee.

White Tea

It is really helpful in weight lose because it stops new fat cells from forming. It dried naturally in sunlight. Among teas, it is the richest source of antioxidants. White tea can boost the breakdown of fat and block the formation of new fat cells; it is possible due to the ingredients that are present in tea. If you want a diet tea then it is a best option for you. It will help you to keep your waistline tight and toned.

Rooibos Tea

This tea is mainly good for the belly. It has numerous benefits, some of them are – it can lessen the stress hormones that cause appetite and fat storage which are also linked to hypertension, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and much more.

Green Tea

The people who have 4 to 5 cups of green tea in a day will be able to lose their weight much faster than any other form. Green tea will help you to get the flat belly, the ingredients in a tea will blast the adipose tissue by reducing the fat cells, mainly that gets deposited in the belly as well as it also speed up the liver’s capacity, it is good to turn the fat into energy.

Lemon Tea

It can fight with bloat, as all know that lemon is a good weapon for weight loss. Lemon contains high vitamin C, citric acid, calcium, bioflavonoids, pectin which helps to reduce belly fat. Taking Warm lemon water in the morning is a good start to maintain our metabolism, it assists the liver and digestive system to work efficency, therefore it helps us to control weight.

Black Tea

Drinking black tea will improve cardiovascular function. It is easy to make and more cups you can drink in a day. Black tea contains very low in sodium, fat and calories. This property of black tea is very generous for people who want to lose weight or even just control their weight

Valerian Tea

Valerian tea help you to improve your quality of sleep, as sleep is very important for weight lose. Improper sleep deliver a negative impact on the body as well as it also have a negative effect on hunger regulating hormone. Quality sleep will produce fat burning hormones.

Ashwagandha Tea

Aswagandha leaves has number of health benefits. It will reduce stress level and give you a better outlook to life as well as it helps you in weight lose. After drinking Ashwagandha tea, you will feel relax and able to concentrate on your work, on the other hand, it is completely safe & healthy. It also helps our digestive system to work efficiently.

Bilberry Tea

Bilberry Tea is one of the best tea that is considered for losing weight. Bilberry seeded berries that contain high doses of powerful antioxidants. Bilberry tea stabilizes blood sugar levels and reduces cravings for fatty or sugary foods. To experience best results when using bilberry tea for weight loss, drink one cup every day before evening meals. Bilberry Tea suppress your appetite so you eat less and consume fewer calories. And it make possible for the body to burn fat.

Mate Tea

Mate Tea has a powerful thermogenic effect and it can help in weight loss by enhancing the insulin sensitivity.

Ginger Tea

Ginger is a best source for reducing weight, you can include ginger in your diet as well as you can drink ginger tea which is easy to make and amazing in taste. Moreover, ginger tea will be helpful for you in losing the weight.

Detox Tea

Detox tea is highly in demand by people because it contains herbs that nourish the liver and it is also responsible to clear the toxins from the body. It will also burn the stored fat and boost your metabolism.

Star Anise Tea


Star Anise Tea is utilized in the treatment of stomach issues like diarrhea, nausea, etc. as well as it is also beneficial in weight lose.

Rose Tea

Rose Tea is one of an oldest flavoured tea that will clear the toxins of a body and help in reducing the weight. In addition, it is very good in taste and good for health and keeps your body fit.

These are some kind of tea that will helpful in reducing the weight and keep your body fit and healthy. People can choose a tea as per their choice and taste. In a market, a numerous flavoured tea is available that is beneficial for health and increase metabolism of your body. It is very commonly said that too much tea is injurious for health but now, flavoured tea are completely safe and toxin free.

If you are a tea lover or want tea frequently in your daily routine then you should have to try some flavoured tea instead of normal tea because these teas don’t have any kind of side effects as well as delivered a positive result. If you have a desire to lose weight or want a perfect figure then you can include these teas in your daily routine and after some time, you will be able to see the result on your body.

Ginger tea, lemon tea, green tea, etc. all are easy to make at home and all these teas will deliver an impeccable effect on your body. In addition, drinking more and more tea will not affect your body but it will help keep you fit and trim and help you to burn unwanted fat.

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