Taking It All In Stride… A Chat with Celina Jaitley

A proud mother of three children as well as a social worker in her own right, despite her busy schedule, Bollywood celebrity Celina Jaitley still makes time for personal fitness and wellness. Vasujit Kalia meets with Celina to find out more.


“Fitness to me is a lifestyle and is everything from sleep to nutrition, as well as how many steps I walk during the day and the perfect balance between weight training and resistance training. This is because besides my own physical and mental wellbeing, I have to be a perfect role model to my three sons and millions of fans in order to inculcate the fact that there is no greater wealth than physical wellbeing.”


“Yoga, dance, music, and watching lots of comedies, as well as playing with my sons ensure that I unwind for optimal physical and mental well-being. When it comes to stress and anxiety, there are two ways to deal with it; either you become the victim or you take control. While it’s easier said than done, I have always believed in the mantra ‘move more, eat well, vent by talking, and sleep well’. This somehow has always worked for me, but of course, if stress or anxiety is starting to take a toll, consider talking to a mental health professional.”


“It is best to try to obtain vitamins, minerals, and nutrients from food rather than relying on supplements unless diagnosed and prescribed by a registered physician. Instead, eat organic fruit, vegetables, fish, and other healthy foods which contain nutrients and other substances not found in a pill and will work synergistically to keep us healthy.”


“In my opinion, laughter is the best medicine and nourishment for the soul— and if music is added, it enables a full restoration of the soul. I love to laugh, watch comedies, and sing with my children and husband. I also practice a lot of chanting together with our sons.”

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