The Path to Loving Yourself – Renowned Saudi Life Coach, Dr. Sumaya Alnasser on Cultivating Self-Relationship


In our everyday lives, we as humans, tend to put relationships with different people and entities at the forefront of our lives, often neglecting the most important relationship: the one with ourselves. Shedding light on the importance of self-relationships, Saudi Life Coach and industry leader, Dr Sumaya Alnasser gives us a few pieces of advice on how to nurture a healthy relationship with one’s self.

A marvel in her field, Dr Sumaya has over 15 years of experience and specialises in self-development, relationships and career coaching. Explaining self-relationship, she says, “The composition of self-relationships is hard to define, and like DNA, differs for every person. That said, one’s relationship with oneself is the foundation to proper development. It is to know yourself – your strengths and your weaknesses. It’s about learning where your interests lie and observing the emotional reactions each interest brings about. It is about defining your purpose and values in this life, and with this knowledge, make better choices.”

She believes that having a strong relationship with yourself helps not only your self-esteem but also aids in controlling situations that can otherwise spin in the other direction. By accepting your true self – with all your flaws, it ultimately helps create stronger, more fulfilling relationships with others. More often than not, we are our own worst critics and have a tendency to not treat ourselves with the necessary love and care. Explaining it further, Dr Sumaya says, “Building a relationship with yourself helps you crack your complex internal code. Without even realizing it, our mental state gives smaller things too much importance, although they may not matter in the big picture. It begins with a simple step- learning to forgive yourself and to move on.”

Speaking from her personal experiences, Dr. Sumaya knows that forgiving yourself and learning to be happy doesn’t happen overnight. It has to be a daily practice- one that introduces healthy habits that will change your mindset in the long-run.

A few ways to cultivate self-love are:

– Morning rituals: Start your day on a positive, up-beat note. Refrain from checking your phone for the first 15 minutes of your day.
– Putting yourself first: Self-love is never selfish, it is about offering an indirect love, in a way that you fulfill it within yourself first.
– Investing in yourself monetarily or with time: Whether it is participating in a hobby or believing in yourself to start something new.
– Respecting your shortcomings, values and spirituality: Make a conscious effort to realize your strengths and use them to move forward in life.
– Finding your happy place: Find a place that brings calmness to your mind, helps you unwind and connects you to your thoughts. It could be somewhere by the sea or in the chatter of a garden, embrace the peace it brings you.

Dr Sumaya continues to be the vanguard of one’s own testimony and helps her clients to improve self-relationships through a series of one-on-one sessions, live courses, group seminars as well as online coaching sessions.

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