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13Taking the concept of eating clean to the next level, Elsy Azzam and Bassil Dibs, co-founders of explain their healthy lifestyle aspirations and how eating healthy is just a click away.

Reasons for the Business
Bassil: “Between my partner Elsy’s degree in hospitality and my previous experience at Nestle, we have extensive knowledge in the Food and Beverage sector. We noticed a gap in the market whereby consumers are not aware of all the healthy options available, so we decided to launch a platform that would connect the people who care about healthy living with the people who can provide it. Both of us have always been passionate about healthy living and then decided to venture into a business that would help it grow in Dubai.”

The Concept
Elsy: “Our online ordering platform aims at simplifying the lives of Dubai residents looking to eat healthy, whereby in just a few clicks customers will be able to order their ideal dish from the best healthy restaurants in Dubai. The platform is also designed to inspire and motivate people to be healthy as well as guide them through the various ways to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Perfect Timing for Clean Eating
Bassil: “We are at a period of time where consumers are becoming more health conscious not only due to the clean eating trend and aspiration to be part of the healthy and fit community, but also due to the increase of food intolerances and health issues individuals are increasingly facing today. Also, living in a city that is very fast paced and business driven, most people don’t find the time to prepare healthy food or search for the right options.”

The Food Experience
Elsy: “The platform is designed to offer a comprehensive healthy dietary experience with selected dishes from various restaurants, ranging from fresh salads to wholesome main courses and guiltless desserts among other healthy treats. We cater to all types of diets including high protein diets, vegans, and vegetarians among others, and also take into consideration the main food sensitivities that individuals suffer from such as dairy, gluten, wheat, and so on.”

Personal Wellness
Bassil: “I work out regularly and make sure to have a well-rounded and balanced diet every day. I go to the gym five times a week and I ensure the food I eat helps fuel my body with the right nutrients.”
Elsy: “I am a strong advocate for Pilates, and practice it four to five times per week. I always try to choose wholesome foods rather than refined and processed ones. There is no such thing as cheating when you decide to be healthy; it is simply a way of life.”



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