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moversBeauty is serious business and and no doubt, set to become even bigger in 2017. Joelle Mardinian is one such expert who embodies this mantra with her group of businesses under the Joelle Group. HEALTH meets the brains behind the business….

The Beginnings

“I started very early in the beauty business. I have always been passionate about makeup and started training at a young age. My makeover show has been on for nearly 12 years while my businesses, especially my chain of salons Maison de Joelle, has completed 10 years. As I mentioned, I was always intrigued by beauty and it always was something close to my heart. I knew I wanted to do something for women in this regards.”

New Range

“The newest addition to the Joelle Paris range is called So Cool and J Glow. Both ranges have three products each. They are targeted towards cleansing the skin gently while slowly taking the skin to a healthier phase with or without
make up. I believe all my products can be used by everyone; women, kids and even men. They are for all skin and hair types.”

Understanding Trends

“There are so many beauty trends that come and go. I believe in being stylish. Being fashionable and being stylish is two different things. Stylish people can sense and put together two very opposite trends from different eras and still make it work. The wonderful world of social media has made it impossible for anything to remain small. I think people look up on their Instagrams and instantly fall in love with green army jackets which are all the rage in LA.”

Forecast for 2017

“I am a believer of simplicity and I am so glad it is coming back. For make-up, it’s back to basics with pastel lips and smokey eyes. The 60’s look is coming back too, the up do’s and back combed hair. Some are even doing glitter. I am
all about the sparkle and shine.”

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