Mind, Body, Happiness… Boost Your Wellbeing with Meditation


These days, the pressure to perform at work is at an all-time high. Add to this the never ending emails and messages that make it almost impossible to switch off. Here are three ways that meditation can boost your wellbeing and help you disconnect.

What Happens
It seems quite simple, but how does doing something so simple have such a powerful impact on the body and brain? According to researchers at Yale University, meditation decreases activity in the brain’s default mode network. This area is active during times of worries, regrets, and repeated thoughts.

  1. Soothe the Body: One way to curb headaches, blood pressure, and tension is to soothe the mind, which will, in turn, relax the body. Over time, meditation has been shown to help with other physical problems such as digestion, chronic pain, and even diabetes.
  2. Balance the Mind: Once you have mastered meditation, clarity and focus become easier. Your thoughts will be more focused, it will be easier to organize your time, and it will even help you relax and sleep better.
  3. Realize Happiness: Decision making improves and confidence levels increase. In fact, research has shown that positive emotions are enhanced as the brain signaling increases in the left side of the prefrontal cortex, which is responsible for feel-good emotions while the side of the brain responsible for negative emotions in the right side decreases.
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