Merging Wellness With Technology


Looking at how an online service can help us ‘switch off’ from the frenzy of the digital world may initially seem like an oxymoron – but in reality, it can work. HEALTH speaks with the husband and wife team Stefan and Megan Ritsch, the Founders of, the UAE’s leading online health and wellness platform about how online services can actually help us switch off.

The Concept
The UAE’s leading online health and wellness platform- has an actively engaged community of more than 80,000 members providing the latest advice and tips on how to advance our personal journeys to wellbeing. The site also features experts to whom people can turn, free of charge, for personal advice.

Digital Obsession
Megan believes that worldwide, a common thread is our rush to social herding, technology, and data where an obsession with digital devices and apps has taken hold, often to the detriment to our own wellbeing. “Our addiction to mobile phones and handheld devices that we take with us everywhere has turned us into a society of walking zombies. We don’t take the time to give our bodies
what they need to function at their optimal level: quality time with family and friends; good nutrition and diet; rest and relaxation; sleep; physical and mental exercise. So, many of us are out of balance and fatigued,” says Megan.

Helping People towards Optimal Health
However, Megan believes our hunger for online data can be turned to an advantage if we make a conscious effort to do so. “Our hunger for data and need to be permanently ‘on’ though can still be put to good use as many of us seek some form of psychological, physical, and or mental improvement in our lives. Online health and wellness platforms such as that aggregate an immense amount of information and present us with wellbeing solutions, are helping people in the UAE undertake their journey of transformation to a healthier, happier, and balanced self,” she explains.

Key Benefits
According to Megan, corporations investing in employee wellness programs to increase productivity and reduce employee absenteeism and health insurance costs are also benefiting from the wealth of information covering diet, exercise, relationships, mental wellbeing, medical doctors, as well as health and wellness practitioners (physicians, nurses, personal trainers) provided by these online platforms.

In a move to boost country-wide awareness of the latest fitness practices and pursuits, Enritsch has partnered with REPs UAE, the Dubai Sports Council’s exercise professionals register. The deal means that the 2,500 plus fitness professionals now affiliated with REPs UAE are now working with to give followers the most up-todat knowledge of fitness trends from accredited sources


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