Margaret Dabbs, a celebrity favorite and internationally renowned podiatrist, CEO, and Founder of Margaret Dabbs London brand, gives Dubai’s well-heeled women gold standard professional pedicures that used to be only available in London. HEALTH learns more about her expertise.

The Right Touch
“When we provide one of our signature medical pedicures, a full assessment of the health and well-being of the feet is undertaken as part of the treatment. We are unique in that we fuse health and beauty and are concerned with the way the feet look as well as the way that they feel.”

“After the foot assessment, as well as completing a thorough overhaul of the feet, we can recommend a wide range of treatments for the feet dealing with conditions such as ingrown toenails, corns, and calluses. We can also produce custom made orthotics to alleviate pain in the feet, stop growth of bunions, and improve lower limb alignment for people with flat feet or knee pain. We also have specialist treatments to eradicate nail fungus.”

The Ultimate Luxury Foot Therapy Treatment
“The Ultimate Luxury Foot Therapy is our signature Medical Pedicure Treatment which provides a thorough assessment and overhaul of the feet, but with the addition of beautifying and relaxing elements including bathing and exfoliation of the feet and soaking the feet following the pedicure. This is followed by a lower leg massage which is particularly effective for relaxation, circulation, and also the treatment of cracked and dried skin. Oxygen therapy is also included to complete the foot experience.”


Tips to Keep Feet in Optimal Condition

  • Keeping with a regular regime is good for the feet, which are a part of the body that is frequently ignored until problems arise.
  • File the feet on dry skin once a week using our professional foot file – never file when the feet are wet – dry skin will produce the best long term results.
  • After the filing, apply Margaret Dabbs London Intensive Treatment Foot Oil spray to the nails and skin daily, followed with the Margaret Dabbs London Hydrating Foot Lotion. Do this weekly and you will have feet that will look brand-new.

Debunking the Foot Care Myths


MYTH: Wearing socks and slathering cream on at night will give me perfectly conditioned feet.
FACT: “If you need to apply socks after cream it means the cream is quite thick and the majority of the cream will remain on the outside of the skin and does not absorb. If the cream is properly and thoroughly rubbed into the feet, then socks ought not to be needed.”

MYTH: Applying a very thick foot cream on the soles of my feet will keep cracks at bay.
FACT: “A thick foot cream has larger molecules which do not easily absorb through the layers of skin on the foot. It is far better to use a Margaret Dabbs expertly formulated foot product, which is formulated to be results driven and is absorbed fully.”

MYTH: Using a foot loofah on my heel in the shower will help remove the dead skin and make my soles smooth.
FACT: “Skin should be filed when the foot is completely dry. When feet are wet, the texture of the skin changes, so that water masks the skin that needs to be removed. The skin becomes rubbery, tissues weaken, and cracks are more likely to open as a result. Therefore, filing on wet skin is not recommended at all.”

MYTH: Soaking your feet regularly will help soften and alleviate corns.
FACT: “Soaking feet are ineffective for corns in any respect. Corns are a condition which need proper treatement by a fully trained podiatrist, with effective removal. You should also be looking at removing the cause – which will be a result of ill-fitting footwear and tissues which are being compressed.”

MYTH: All salons use sterilized equipment.
FACT: “Here at Margaret Dabbs, all of our tools are sterilized, but not all places will do that. Just because tools come out of a packet does not mean they have been in the sterilizer.”

(Sole Lounge by Margaret Dabbs is located at Level Shoes District, Dubai Mall)

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