Living a Balanced Life… Hrishitaa Bhatt

From working with Shah Rukh Khan in the film Asoka to pairing up with Jimmy Shergill in Haasil, for Bollywood actress Hrishitaa Bhatt, leading a healthy and balanced lifestyle is vital. Here she waxes lyrical about how she stays in shape and why she believes health is our greatest wealth.

Personal Fitness

“I believe in overall well-being, and in doing and following a routine which makes me feel happy. I hate monotony as I can become bored easily so sometimes I dance, do yoga, go for a jog, or go for a walk. But some form of exercise is necessary to stay happy and keep fit. I also eat what I want, but in moderation. For me, overall health is what matters; the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.”

Meal Plans

“I’ve become vegetarian for many years now and strictly stick to this way of eating. I love coffee and I start my day with a big mug of coffee, and two more mugs anytime during the day. Through the day I eat light meals at regular intervals which consist of fruits, salad, vegetables, breads, coconut water, lime water, and nuts to snack on. I eat one good meal early evening for dinner which is anything vegetarian. I have a sweet tooth so some chocolate after dinner is a must.”

Tried and Tested Health Tips

“Only eat when hungry, drink lots of water, and aim to get lots of good restful sleep, and very importantly, stay positive and focus on mental health. Health is wealth because only a strong body and mind can survive and live a good, long healthy life.”

Coping with Stress

“I think we forget to breathe and most issues stem from this. It is important to relax and breathe and whenever possible, I would advise to meditate, even if for a small duration for which yoga is helpful. I remember at one time I had high cholesterol due to stress and that’s when I realized that most diseases stem from mental health issues. Therefore, meditation, adequate sleep, a balanced diet, and lots of water during the day is important.”


“I do not believe in supplementing the diet with supplements, but at one point I had lost a lot of weight, so in order to gain some muscle I underwent weight training. At this time, I took protein supplements for a brief period, but that’s the first and last time I did. But I advise sticking to natural sources of vitamins and proteins which is the best option.”

Sleep Habits

“Sleep is the most important part of my life. There are days when I don’t get more than four to five hours of sleep, but I balance it out by catching up on sleep on the days with less work; my ideal amount of sleep is 10 hours.”

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