Jump Start Your Fitness with a Boot Camp

In a city that prides itself on getting fitter and healthier, participating in a boot camp can do more than boost your fitness quotient, as Mostafa Mersal, Coach at Fitness Bootcamp Dubai (FBC DXB) explains.

With more fitness challenges taking place in Dubai recently, Mersal points out that it’s apparent that residents of the city have a big appetite for becoming more healthy and fit. “Participating in all these challenges also gives them the opportunity to test themselves and have a more accurate assessment of their overall fitness level,” he tells.

Boot camp is a military type of exercise used to build strength and endurance. The workout consists of designed programs and is popular because it helps you in working out every muscle in your body, says Mersal, and exercises can also be done anywhere and at any place without the need of too much equipment. “It is categorized as the best group exercise, primarily because it is made up of simple bodyweight movements and is not only beneficial for losing weight and building strength, but also for training people to get through their day-to-day activities more effectively,” he explains.

As it always starts with a group of motivated individuals working together to achieve their goal and inspire each other during their workout, boot camp participants are there to encourage one
another as well as motivate each other.Boot camps offer creative and diverse exercises so that the overall journey becomes smoother and more entertaining; and the participants do not have to be in good body shape to do these exercises.It helps build confidence, increases your energy level, and provides you with self-discipline, selfcontrol, and responsibility. It gives you motivation, and most importantly, it is a fun and healthy activity that helps you meet new people and creates a competitive environment.The good thing in boot camp is that you can always modify certain exercises that will work best for you; and still work on the same muscle group. Another benefit of boot camp workouts is that most combine periods of very vigorous activity with short rest breaks. This makes it the ideal type of High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).

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