Many of us don’t really consider our watches as investment, but the fact is that some watch brands increase in value over time. HEALTH explains more.

Gold Standard
Essentially, features such as history, brand perception, availability, and individuality as well as demand, are paramount when it comes to a watch’s increasing value over a span of time.

watchOf all of the luxury brands out there, Patek Philippe and Rolex are the safest luxury brands in terms of investment. Boasting an influential list of celebrities and VIPs that wear and have worn iconic Rolex watches, this is a brand that is always in demand by watch aficionados, has a high demand, and of course, a very strong history. These factors, combined with the fact that Rolex watches are easily available, make most Rolex watches increase in value over time. This also applies to an even more luxurious brand- -Patek Philippe-though because of its hefty price tag, is less accessible. Nonetheless, this is a brand whose niche is exclusivity and this adds value.

Other Luxury Brands
Besides Rolex and Patek Philippe, luxury watch brands with a high demand, such as Omega, Cartier, IWC, Breitling, Audemars Piguet, and Jaeger- LeCoultre and Cartier, may also grow in value over time, but this depends on which certain models from these brands are highest in demand. According to experts, the watches that are closest to the first model at the time it was launched, and those that are as pure as possible, are most likely going to maintain their value or even increase in value. So ultimately, it really is a matter of purchasing watches at the right time for the right price.

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