Innovating the Ketogenic Diet

The Ketogenic (Keto) diet is a huge buzzword in the health world these days and undoubtedly, it has enabled people to lose weight effectively and safely. However, Weight Loss Coach Alexia Bjarkan explains that combining the Keto diet with ice baths is an even better way to shed the excess kilos safely.

The Keto Diet At a Glance

Basically, a Ketogenic diet is high in fat, but moderate in protein, and low in carbs. During this type of eating, Bjarkan points out that the body has limited access to glucose from carbs which triggers the body to use fat as its main source of fuel. What happens is this fat breaks down to ketones – the molecules that stave off hunger and speed up weight loss.

The Role of Ice Baths

According to Bjarkan, cold exposure, such as ice baths is a practical and useful tool for developing resilience to adhere to the new eating habits entailed by the Keto diet. It’s especially good for those who have a longterm pattern and history of overeating, which can be tough to stop. This is where ice baths can be powerful, she says, as it is through facing our fears and the discomfort of submerging in ice, we practice resilience. “We can then use the same mental strength when resisting junk food, and choosing a new, healthy diet,” explains Bjarkan.

Working Synergistically

The combination of a Ketogenic diet and ice baths is highly successful as they support each other physically and mentally, narrates Bjarkan. “Firstly, the Ketogenic diet turns off hunger and cravings, and then the ice baths help build the mental strength to stay on track with new eating habits,” she tells. “I see great results with my coaching clients and most of them lose around two to four kilos in their first week of coaching, until reaching their target weight.”

More Tips for Healthy Weight Loss

Practice intermittent fasting through eating within a six-hour window.

Combine healthy protein, fats, and vegetables to turn off hunger and cravings.

Good sleep is critical for weight loss. Be sure to keep all electronic gadgets out of the sleeping domain. Also aim to sleep and wake up at the same times daily.

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