How to control your asthma during sandstorms

Asthma awareness is crucial when living in the uae, especially as several studies reported that sandstorms frequently cause adverse health effects on respiratory function. Read on for tips on how to control your asthma during sandstorms for a better quality of life.

Fluids, especially water, are very important during sandstorms. Remember to keep hydrated or even spray water on your face and eyes if you come in direct contact with dust. It is recommended that asthmatics regularly check daily weather and air quality reports, especially during the sandstorm season.

Dust collection in air conditioning vents can be a harmful trigger if not cleaned and checked regularly. Air conditioning units need to be regularly maintained and cleaned every six months to avoid accumulation of dust in ducts and vents.

Stay indoors as much as possible during sandstorms and keep windows and doors closed. Reduce exposure to common allergens during sandstorms that may provoke asthmatic attacks.

Air purifiers are by no means a cure for asthma; however, they help to remove the allergens and particles which can trigger symptoms by directing air through a filter.

(Written by Mohamed Samir, Regional Medical Director at Mundipharma)

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