Dr. Partha Das

Dr. Partha Das
Pioneering Excellence in Reproductive Medicine and Fertility Care

  • A Compassionate Fertility Specialist, Guiding Couples on the Journey to Parenthood with Expertise, Empathy, and Comprehensive Care.

Dr. Partha Das is a distinguished fertility physician with a remarkable background in medical education and sub-specialty training in Assisted Reproduction. His academic journey led him to prestigious institutions across the world, equipping him with a wealth of knowledge and skills to make a significant impact in the field of reproductive medicine.

Dr. Partha’s qualifications include an MSc in Assisted Reproduction, Embryology and Genetics from the University of Valencia, Spain. He was also invited as a visiting scholar at the Assisted Reproduction and Genetics at the University of Iowa, USA and further enhanced his skill sets with a training at University of Kiel, Germany. His solid foundation in medicine consists of an MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery) from Mysore, India and subsequently obtained his Masters, MS in Obstetrics and Gynecology from JJM medical college, Davangere, India and later coupled with extensive training and experience in Reproductive Medicine/ IVF from Jaslok hospital and Research center, Mumbai, India, one of the premiere centers of excellence. He has around 19 years of experience in the field of Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility and has played a pivotal role in guiding couples on their journey to parenthood.

As per the recent survey, around 17.5% of the adult population – roughly 1 in 6 worldwide and in UAE, experience infertility, and Dr. Das stresses the urgent need to increase access to affordable, high-quality fertility care. Infertility is a global problem and does not discriminate between different segments of society.

The more we deal with infertility cases, the more we understand the challenges and complexities of the egg quality which is the foremost contributor to the infertility cause. The biggest predictor for a successful fertility outcome is the maternal age and catering to the need of the couples, is paramount. Dr. Partha says that no two couples are alike in their infertility issues and therefore he offers each couple individualized or personalized infertility treatment plan.

Pinpointing the exact cause of why couples are unable to achieve pregnancy, is the only way to treat infertility effectively, says Dr. Partha. The assessment and testing process begins with a thorough medical history of each partner. Evaluation includes semen analysis, hormone tests, pelvic ultrasound, and other tests. Dr. Partha emphasizes the recent trends in IVF which has maximized success. The concept is a shift towards single embryo transfer. Only one healthy normal embryo is transferred to maximize implantation rate and reduce the burden of twin pregnancies. This trend is possible because of the advancements in freezing the embryos safely and only one embryo is transferred to achieve a singleton healthy pregnancy outcome. Elective single embryo transfer has drastically reduced the multiple pregnancy rate and its associated risks. Preimplantation genetic testing for aneuploidy (PGT-A) or monogenic disorders (PGT- M) is routinely being used in IVF treatment specially in cases of Recurrent pregnancy loss or Implantation failure. This method helps select the best normal embryo thus reducing the risks of certain chromosomal and genetic disorders. Considering egg freezing at a younger age safeguards your future fertility specially in women who wish to delay childbearing for various reasons such as education and career advancements or health considerations said Dr. Partha.

He said that couples could opt for IVF with embryo cryopreservation to maximize chances of pregnancy at a later stage. The same holds true for fertility preservation for patients undergoing medical treatment that may harm fertility such as chemotherapy or radiation. It is through this cryopreservation techniques that a lot of patients undergoing cancer treatment has successfully completed their family.

Advances in Genetics, diagnostics and advancements in cryopreservation of gametes, antioxidants and gut microbiome therapy has led to a more personalized IVF treatment approach. By individualizing the treatment plan as per the individual characteristics and needs, IVF success rates have improved, enhancing live birth rates and reducing potential risks and side effects. Our aim is not only to advance IVF success but also reduce the complications associated with it, says Dr. Partha. Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS) is a dreaded complication of IVF treatment especially seen in women with PCOD. But this complication is a thing of the past as new fertility medications and freezing embryos have helped minimize its occurrence.

Dr. Partha states that Orchid Fertility Clinic which is both JCI and CAP accredited has the world class embryology laboratory which has adopted cutting edge technologies like time lapse embryoscope for embryo monitoring, vitrification, standard PGT-A and the recent noninvasive PGT technique. Adopting all these scientific advancements has improved our pregnancy and live birth rates. Slowly and gradually, Artificial intelligence will also have its place in the IVF clinic and embryology laboratory, added Dr. Partha.

  • MSc in Assisted Reproduction, Embryology, and Genetics from University of Valencia, IVI, Spain.
  • Contributed to establishing a state-of-the-art IVF center and Embryology Lab in UAE.
  • Prioritized open communication and holistic patient care for successful outcomes.
  • Continuously enhanced patient experience and expanded accessibility to advanced reproductive care in the UAE. Medicine.
  • Recipient of the the ‘Best Recommended Clinic for outstanding patient care and experience from the European Fertility Society.

“Invitro Fertilization might be decades old way of helping couples with fertility challenges, but it has held out incredible hope and joy for young couples worldwide. I typically get patients in the prime of their lives, couples juggling dizzying heights of success, money and yet desirous of achieving personal happiness and fulfilment through parenthood. It is optimism and faith in positivity that plays a major role apart from our clinical intervention and counselling. Mothers-to-be in the process of IVF fertility cycle, who face the challenges of IVF with a stoic calm are often rewarded with their bundle of joy. That feeling is priceless and brings the foremost satisfaction to me“

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